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Why I’m here

Why am I here? I’m a blogger mostly because I’m a writer. I do other things, I started as a cook. My first site! I write books, My second site! But now I’m here. My first site was a school project, (I happen to be in middle school) my second was a experiment. (I rather liked how the experiment turned out!) This site is like a improved version of World of Maso (second site’s name, see post World Of Maso). It’s upgraded, and doesn’t just feature my books.

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If you have a story to tell, what do you do? Some people sing, some dance, some take photos, and some make things that tell their story. There are a million ways, but my favorite is writing. I know I love to write, which probably affects my end decision. If you just start to write (in my case!) then it all comes poring out. It will be a story, maybe a book, maybe an essay, but still a story.

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The Story behind my name

My name isn’t actually Loretta Marchize. Loretta is my middle name and Marchize is a last name I picked to go with Loretta Marchize. I hate using my real name for my sites because I’m only thirteen. So one day I decided I needed a fake name. An author’s name. I love my middle name, so I chose a last name to go with my first name.

My books are written by Loretta Marchize. This post is written by Loretta Marchize. Why? Because I’m a thirteen year old girl who doesn’t care for letting her name became public. I can’t tell you my real name, but I can tell you that I’ve never regretted doing this, and I certainly have never wished I didn’t!

Fake names, or author names, aren’t for everyone. I have a artist friend who uses a fake name, and a writer friend who uses her real name. Everybody is different, I just prefer a fake name.