My Favorite Books

I love books, I read them all the time. I wanted to make a post highlighting my favorite posts, but how do you pick just a few? I went with 10, but there is still oh so many more! The Lunar Chronicles Marissa Myer Tales of the Frog Princess E.D. Baker (Who has also written other good books!) … More My Favorite Books


Gray as in clouds, and roads. Gray as in Graystripe (from Warriors, by Erin Hunter). There are a lot of gray things, and objects. Gray walls in the living room, gray laptop on the floor. Gray shirts in a stack and gray fireplace buckets by the wood stove. Gray shoes in the shoe basket, my … More Gray

Old Fashioned

I’m not exactly old, at thirteen most consider me the opposite. I do so love the old clothes and dresses that they used to wear, the old fashioned ones. I hate short shorts, not to mention skirts. Knee length is bordering on too short, unless I have leggings underneath. If I could I would wear … More Old Fashioned

Glass Dolls

I have five glass dolls. (Technically six, but one is shared with my sister.) I love my dolls. I collect them no matter how torn, scarred, broken and lifeless. First of all was Annie. She used to be Mom’s, and she came from Germany. Annie has bare feet and an old-fashioned dress. She has messed … More Glass Dolls


I will be camping soon, and will be very busy, so if you don’t see any activity from me that’s why! Thanks! -Loretta Marchize

Off Topic

When I write I tend to think of other ideas, and I write them down. However, these ideas almost always have nothing to do with the original topic- whatever it was. Then I have to go back and read what I just wrote so that I can remember what to write next. It’s an issue … More Off Topic