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My Favorite Books

I love books, I read them all the time. I wanted to make a post highlighting my favorite posts, but how do you pick just a few? I went with 10, but there is still oh so many more!

  • The Lunar Chronicles Marissa Myer
  • Tales of the Frog Princess E.D. Baker (Who has also written other good books!)
  • The School Story Andrew Clements 
  • 43 Old Cemetery Road Dying to Meet You Kate Klise
  • Tuesdays at the Castle Jessica Day George (Who has also written other good books!)
  • The Tiger Princess Sarah Renne
  • Princess Paisley Chautona Havig
  • Harry Potter J.K. Rowling
  • Warriors Erin Hunter
  • Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine

The Lunar Chronicles is a five book series, starting with Cinder. It’s a fairy tale spin off, wich I love (as you will see.) I haven’t finished that series, but it’s good and they are actually long… I happen to read fast!

The Frog Princess is a eight book series, starting with The Frog Princess. It’s another fairy tale spin off, :), and E.D. Baker has also written several other good series.

The School Story is a great book about a girl who decides to write a book. It’s very realistic, no fairy tale magic here!

43 Old Cemetery Road Dying to Meet You is a series (called 43 Old Cemetery Road) but I especially loved Dying to Meet You. It’s funny and a spin off of normal ghost stories. (It’s not at all scary.)

Tuesdays at the Castle is a traditional type tale, with a castle that thinks for itself! I loved this one, plenty of good humor.

The Tiger Princess is about a tiger, so it’s not traditional. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s longer. It also has a very good plot.

Princess Paisley made me cry. It has some sad parts, but hey, they make it a good book! This one is SUPER long, not a quick read. It’s written well, and has a very good story line with plot twists!

I’m assuming you know what Harry Potter is, so skipping ahead to Warriors. This one is about cats, super long series. (there is almost 50 books total!) I loved this read, great way of writing from cat’s perspective!

And last, but not least, Ella Enchanted. I love love this book! It’s my favorite book, it’s also a movie. It’s not as long, more of an easier read, but I loved it.

I also love the classics, like Little Women, but that would have been a SUPER long list! Basically there are a ton of good books and these are my favorites. (Actually, Harry Potter is only on there for 3 reasons: 1. long 2. good story line 3. great characters.)


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Books I will probably never write

I have many book ideas, and well I will never finish these, I probably will write the first chapter or two. Who knows, I may finish them someday!

  • Welcome to Rhinelander
  • Witches aren’t real
  • Season’s Chosen (wich I will probably finish sometime, but not soon)
  • The Time Keeper
  • Outfitting an Adventurer

You can find the first chapter of Season’s Chosen here: It’s on my other site: World Of Maso As for the others, they exist in my notebook and if you have questions about them just comment. (Outfitting an Adventurer was purely a writing exercise, it’ll never exist.)

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Gray as in clouds, and roads. Gray as in Graystripe (from Warriors, by Erin Hunter). There are a lot of gray things, and objects. Gray walls in the living room, gray laptop on the floor. Gray shirts in a stack and gray fireplace buckets by the wood stove. Gray shoes in the shoe basket, my brother’s gray shorts. Gray cushions on the dining room chairs, gray pots and dishes in the kitchen. Gray speaker and gray pillow on the couch. Gray trees outside the window and gray rocks in the driveway. A million gray things, all seen from where I sit each day.

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A Chat With My Little Sis

This is a chat I had with my sister one night. (we share a room)

Me: So what do you think of making a website for the youth group?

Little Sis: I don’t think you should do it.

Me: What? Why not?

Little Sis: Um, ’cause if there is pictures it’ll have you in it.

Me: Uh, What? (at this point i’m confused)

Little Sis: If there are pictures they will have you in it.

Me: So? Who cares?

Little Sis: Then other people will see them.

Me: Uh, only the youth will see the website. (partial truth) And besides, I’d be one face in a sea of faces.

Little Sis: Oh.

*Both sit in silence for a while*

Me: So what do you think?

Little Sis: Uh, sure.

The Macaroons are because I feel like they perfectly describe my sis, sweet and festive.

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Old Fashioned

I’m not exactly old, at thirteen most consider me the opposite. I do so love the old clothes and dresses that they used to wear, the old fashioned ones. I hate short shorts, not to mention skirts. Knee length is bordering on too short, unless I have leggings underneath. If I could I would wear those old Victorian dresses, with high necks, long skirts, and long sleeves.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pants. I wear jeans everyday, and I’m not a huge skirt fan. I prefer my pants. However, sometimes I think I’d wear skirts more if I had long ones. Maxi skirts are a favorite. I also love high necklines, hate the low ones, and boots. I’d wear boots all day if I could. I’m a bit old fashioned with my clothing choices. By the way, do you write it old-fashioned or old fashioned? No clue!

My favorite style dress is not the silk ball gowns or anything crazy, more like plain. I love the simple patterned dresses with cute aprons and black button up boots. Like the Laura dresses. From the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. I probably spelled Ingalls wrong. Anyway, I love those dresses, and Victorian style dresses. I still love my pants, and exercise pants are a must when running. I hate sweat pants, but that probably has more to do with never fitting into them when I was little. Over all, I simply have old fashioned clothing tastes!

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Glass Dolls

I have five glass dolls. (Technically six, but one is shared with my sister.) I love my dolls. I collect them no matter how torn, scarred, broken and lifeless.

First of all was Annie. She used to be Mom’s, and she came from Germany. Annie has bare feet and an old-fashioned dress. She has messed up hair, and a pale face, but I love her best of all.


Next I got Jackie. She has a scarred face, a missing button, missing shoes and white legs. Her eyelashes are falling off, and her curls are tangles. She is pretty in her very own way and I love her.


Next comes The Nameless Princess, she never received a name. At first glance she truly is a Princess. She has painted on white high heels, and a beautiful blue ball gown. However, her eyelashes have fallen off, she has scratched arms underneath the ball gown. Her lips are faded, her curls mangled (at one point  her hair fell off and we had to glue it back on.) She is a Princess in my eyes.

The Nameless Princess

Amelia is my second to last doll. She looks like an Easter doll. She wears an Easter blue dress with a matching bonnet. Her shoes are both their, but one is missing a bottom. Her dress has two brown stains and her wild hair is tamed by a braid. She is perhaps the prettiest doll.


Holly is my last doll. She is a Christmas doll, with red velvet and warm head-gear. Her eyelashes are whole, her dress still soft. But her garland has fallen off (she used to hold a gold, green and red garland.) Her white shawl is stained with color, her hair is knotted and wild, her red lips fading in the center. She is a festive doll, always cheery.


I hope to collect more dolls somewhere along the line. I love them, no matter what they look like. I will accept them broken and lifeless, scarred and torn. I have always loved dolls, ever sense I had my first baby doll!


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Blindly Using Writing Prompts

Blindly. I never know how to use a writing prompt. In fact, I often loose the first original thought that comes to mind when I first see a prompt, so I write about something else and it ends up not being as good. I try to post everyday except Saturday and Sunday. My other problem is I often get off topic.*

Anyway, today I’m (supposed) to be talking about blindly using writing prompts. Usually I just dive right into the prompt, creating a new post instantly, but I often don’t like these and delete them. However, If I can stay on topic, and sort of draw in the writing prompt word, then I will publish the post.

Blindly diving into things is both good and bad. Driving blind is bad, um, I can’t come up with a good thing. Sorry! The fact is, diving blindly into a post can be good, and bad…. That’s all for today!

*I will post soon about going off topic

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Off Topic

When I write I tend to think of other ideas, and I write them down. However, these ideas almost always have nothing to do with the original topic- whatever it was. Then I have to go back and read what I just wrote so that I can remember what to write next. It’s an issue I have, I can go off in a hundred different directions, hope my readers don’t mind! I tend to do it a lot, and sometimes I just get so off topic I have to end the post.

I think part of the problem is that I come up with different post ideas while I’m writing. It’s hard for me to finish things because of that, it even happens while I’m talking! I also get distracted because I constantly read, so I will start reading something and forget what I was going to say, write, or do. It’s a problem I have, nothing can stop it, so most people end up getting used to it!