Last Chapter

Last chapter, last paragraph, last sentence, last word. How do I end my story? How do I end my book? How do my characters say goodbye, sometimes knowing that the reader can never visit them again?
-Loretta Marchize

My Last Chapter

In the book Arise of the Ninja, I didn’t know when it would end. But Return of the Ninja was different. I knew where I was going with this one! I knew that Red would die and that Jame would be defeated. Well, I didn’t know at first. But after a while I figured out that I wanted to make sure that the story had a good ending. I figured out the plot for chapter ten, and eleven, plus I knew Red was going to die in chapter twelve. I also knew that I needed to defeat Jame. In a way I ended the last chance of ever writing a third book in the sires, because the main enemy was defeated, and all the questions were answered (except perhaps minor ones, and an author has to have some secrets!)

So why did I end my book that way? Because I knew that in order to be a good book I had to have a good ending, and lots of times for a book to be real it has to have tears and pain. How did my characters say goodbye? In the best way possible, a happy ending. But it was a happy-sad ending. Could a reader ever visit them again? Probably. They could find a new enemy, get a new problem. But that’s not how it’s going to be, (sorry! No more Ninja!) I don’t want to start it again. I’m writing on here now, plus my newspaper, I’m also writing Charlie’s Story. I’m rambling now, but it doesn’t matter.

So that’s how I end my book. It’s how I end World of Maso. Thanks for listening to my rambling!