Blindly Using Writing Prompts

Blindly. I never know how to use a writing prompt. In fact, I often loose the first original thought that comes to mind when I first see a prompt, so I write about something else and it ends up not being as good. I try to post everyday except Saturday and Sunday. My other problem is I often get off topic.*

Anyway, today I’m (supposed) to be talking about blindly using writing prompts. Usually I just dive right into the prompt, creating a new post instantly, but I often don’t like these and delete them. However, If I can stay on topic, and sort of draw in the writing prompt word, then I will publish the post.

Blindly diving into things is both good and bad. Driving blind is bad, um, I can’t come up with a good thing. Sorry! The fact is, diving blindly into a post can be good, and bad…. That’s all for today!

*I will post soon about going off topic


  1. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    The beauty of the daily prompt is there is no right or wrong and you can put whatever slant you want on it! 😃🐻

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  2. updownflight says:

    My mind is going in various directions sometimes. I find the Daily Post words reign in the whirlwind in my head. Then the random word triggers an explosion of ideas from the depths of my brain. On certain occasions, they are related to other things I’ve written about, other times totally new and different. I also find it very interesting to see what the Daily word inspires in others peoples’ minds.

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