Off Topic

When I write I tend to think of other ideas, and I write them down. However, these ideas almost always have nothing to do with the original topic- whatever it was. Then I have to go back and read what I just wrote so that I can remember what to write next. It’s an issue I have, I can go off in a hundred different directions, hope my readers don’t mind! I tend to do it a lot, and sometimes I just get so off topic I have to end the post.

I think part of the problem is that I come up with different post ideas while I’m writing. It’s hard for me to finish things because of that, it even happens while I’m talking! I also get distracted because I constantly read, so I will start reading something and forget what I was going to say, write, or do. It’s a problem I have, nothing can stop it, so most people end up getting used to it!


  1. Becc😆 says:

    I completely understand! I don’t have a blog, but the books I (try to )write usually end up going the complete opposite way I intended! I hate it when that happens!


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