Glass Dolls

I have five glass dolls. (Technically six, but one is shared with my sister.) I love my dolls. I collect them no matter how torn, scarred, broken and lifeless.

First of all was Annie. She used to be Mom’s, and she came from Germany. Annie has bare feet and an old-fashioned dress. She has messed up hair, and a pale face, but I love her best of all.


Next I got Jackie. She has a scarred face, a missing button, missing shoes and white legs. Her eyelashes are falling off, and her curls are tangles. She is pretty in her very own way and I love her.


Next comes The Nameless Princess, she never received a name. At first glance she truly is a Princess. She has painted on white high heels, and a beautiful blue ball gown. However, her eyelashes have fallen off, she has scratched arms underneath the ball gown. Her lips are faded, her curls mangled (at one point  her hair fell off and we had to glue it back on.) She is a Princess in my eyes.

The Nameless Princess

Amelia is my second to last doll. She looks like an Easter doll. She wears an Easter blue dress with a matching bonnet. Her shoes are both their, but one is missing a bottom. Her dress has two brown stains and her wild hair is tamed by a braid. She is perhaps the prettiest doll.


Holly is my last doll. She is a Christmas doll, with red velvet and warm head-gear. Her eyelashes are whole, her dress still soft. But her garland has fallen off (she used to hold a gold, green and red garland.) Her white shawl is stained with color, her hair is knotted and wild, her red lips fading in the center. She is a festive doll, always cheery.


I hope to collect more dolls somewhere along the line. I love them, no matter what they look like. I will accept them broken and lifeless, scarred and torn. I have always loved dolls, ever sense I had my first baby doll!


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  1. Becc😆 says:

    I love your dolls! I have 3(4 counting one that is at my grandparents house) dolls of my own. The first one I got is a medium sized doll named Carolyn. She’s a Christmas doll with beautiful blonde curls, and a green beret. She has a winder-upper that made her dance and sing, but it doesn’t work right. She’s special to me, because I had gone to a flee market and seen her on a table amongst a whole bunch of junky stuff. I kept coming back to the table and looking at her. I ask my mom if she thought she was pretty. It was close to Christmas, so it would have been great to have. I left without it. That Christmas, I opened a package and there she was! My mom bought her for me. I was so happy! The second doll I got, my grandparents had come back from a long vacation and they gave me a doll that is large, with white skin and bright red lips. She has short, tight black curls; and she wears a red and white velvet jumper. I named her Snow White because of her hair and complexion. She’s beautiful! Then my third doll is a bigger doll than Carolyn, but not as big as SW (Snow White). She wears a long, light blue dress, with a wide brim blue hat to match on top of her long blonde curls. I pretend she is Carolyn ‘s mom. She has a small, light blue satchel too. I named her Mandy, short for Amanda. I love her(just as I love them all)! Then I have the one at my grandparents house that I used to, and still do play with. She has a green, flowery dress; with a small doll wearing the same. She’s about as tall as Mandy, with medium length blonde hair. Her name is Susan. Her curly hair is matted, her face scarred with a little marker, but I still love her and her doll friends!


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