Old Fashioned

I’m not exactly old, at thirteen most consider me the opposite. I do so love the old clothes and dresses that they used to wear, the old fashioned ones. I hate short shorts, not to mention skirts. Knee length is bordering on too short, unless I have leggings underneath. If I could I would wear those old Victorian dresses, with high necks, long skirts, and long sleeves.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pants. I wear jeans everyday, and I’m not a huge skirt fan. I prefer my pants. However, sometimes I think I’d wear skirts more if I had long ones. Maxi skirts are a favorite. I also love high necklines, hate the low ones, and boots. I’d wear boots all day if I could. I’m a bit old fashioned with my clothing choices. By the way, do you write it old-fashioned or old fashioned? No clue!

My favorite style dress is not the silk ball gowns or anything crazy, more like plain. I love the simple patterned dresses with cute aprons and black button up boots. Like the Laura dresses. From the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. I probably spelled Ingalls wrong. Anyway, I love those dresses, and Victorian style dresses. I still love my pants, and exercise pants are a must when running. I hate sweat pants, but that probably has more to do with never fitting into them when I was little. Over all, I simply have old fashioned clothing tastes!


  1. friendsfaithandfamily says:

    I love your blog and I love wearing old fashioned clothing 🙂


  2. updownflight says:

    Kudos to you for starting a blog at your age. Yes, I definitely consider you young, since I’m almost 46.

    I think there are ways to express ourselves in fashion, in words, and in preferences of any kind that reflect our own preferences. Obviously we must find a happy medium. A way to be uniquely us, but not attract too much negative attention (unless that’s what you’re going for).

    I’ve worn long skirts in my years when jeans and shorts were more the fashion. Maybe the skirt didn’t look straight from the 1800’s, but it was long and had a lovely pattern and was light. I’ve worn my hair in different ways than the norm. I was a ballet dancer at your age. My hair was long and often in a bun or pony tail. I often walked to beat of a different drummer, but I still walked and I walked the way that felt most natural to me. Some people found it strange. Some people found it charming.

    Keep writing and keep exploring your own thoughts and preferences. At 13 you have lots of interesting things to think about. You have a unique perspective on the world. A different one than I had at 13. I’d be interested in seeing what you think about, that you wish to share.

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  3. I bet I would like it, you know I think I’ve seen it before.


  4. Becc😆 says:

    I LOVE the Laura Ingalls Wilder style dresses! I used to wear them all the time. Then I felt like the older kids were judging me…😔 But I have a couple of my old ones. My favorite is a light purple one, with small flowers all over it, and a white pinafore. It’s so beautiful and warm. I love to wear them sometimes in the fall time. I bet you would like it😊


    1. Me too! My grandmother made me one for Halloween several years ago.


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