A Chat With My Little Sis

This is a chat I had with my sister one night. (we share a room)

Me: So what do you think of making a website for the youth group?

Little Sis: I don’t think you should do it.

Me: What? Why not?

Little Sis: Um, ’cause if there is pictures it’ll have you in it.

Me: Uh, What? (at this point i’m confused)

Little Sis: If there are pictures they will have you in it.

Me: So? Who cares?

Little Sis: Then other people will see them.

Me: Uh, only the youth will see the website. (partial truth) And besides, I’d be one face in a sea of faces.

Little Sis: Oh.

*Both sit in silence for a while*

Me: So what do you think?

Little Sis: Uh, sure.

The Macaroons are because I feel like they perfectly describe my sis, sweet and festive.


  1. Reba Cray says:

    Hey! Sorry, I -JUST- saw this! I’d love it if you’d email it to me!!!
    -Reba Cray😆


    1. It’s not a thing quite yet, maybe soon. I’ll tell you about it Sunday!


      1. Reba Cray says:

        Okie-doke! Can’t wait to hear about it!😉


  2. It’s actually happening right now… i’m working on it w/ Mr. Ian! Currently all that exists is emails, texts, ideas, and docs., but it will be a thing soon. If you want I can email you about it.


  3. Becc😆 says:

    I think it would be awesome if we made/had a website for the youth group! It would be so much fun. I’ve never made a website before, but I think it would be cool if all the people in youth could post things on the website. Is that possible?


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