Gray as in clouds, and roads. Gray as in Graystripe (from Warriors, by Erin Hunter). There are a lot of gray things, and objects. Gray walls in the living room, gray laptop on the floor. Gray shirts in a stack and gray fireplace buckets by the wood stove. Gray shoes in the shoe basket, my brother’s gray shorts. Gray cushions on the dining room chairs, gray pots and dishes in the kitchen. Gray speaker and gray pillow on the couch. Gray trees outside the window and gray rocks in the driveway. A million gray things, all seen from where I sit each day.


  1. It was a writing prompt, “gray.” I was looking around and was like “Hey, look at all the gray stuff!”


  2. Becc😆 says:

    I never thought of all the things that are grey around me. That’s a cool thing to think…


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