Books I will probably never write

I have many book ideas, and well I will never finish these, I probably will write the first chapter or two. Who knows, I may finish them someday!

  • Welcome to Rhinelander
  • Witches aren’t real
  • Season’s Chosen (wich I will probably finish sometime, but not soon)
  • The Time Keeper
  • Outfitting an Adventurer

You can find the first chapter of Season’s Chosen here: It’s on my other site: World Of Maso As for the others, they exist in my notebook and if you have questions about them just comment. (Outfitting an Adventurer was purely a writing exercise, it’ll never exist.)

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  1. updownflight says:

    Yeh, I hear you. Although I don’t have numerous books in the works, I have wanted to work more on my memoir for years. I have tons of notes for each of my planned chapters. I only just finished writing one full chapter recently. Actually I posted it as a three part blog series starting with this one:


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