3 months and 6 days!

I’ve had this blog for three months and six days! Yes!! I’ve also made 50ish posts (I think more including this one) I’ve had over 590 views, 131 visitors, in ten different countries including the USA, which had 520 views. My most popular post (besides the home/archives) is Old Fashioned, and 39 links to other … More 3 months and 6 days!

Not agreed yet

“…. and you have not agreed yet.” “I was hoping you’d let me get away without agreeing.” “Ha! I’d never let you do that!” Imagine that your one of these people- person A or person B. What are they thinking? Who are they? How do they know each other? What is person A trying to … More Not agreed yet


They twitter, And flit They chatter, And sing They are birds They are miracles, Straight from God, Little critters I love, They are birds Eating at our feeder, They drop a seed there, And here, They are birds

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Here’s to all those veterans! Memorial Day always makes me think. So… here’s a poem. What would it be like, To be a veteran on Memorial Day? Would it make me sad, Would I remember all my friends, Who are gone What would I think Would I be happy that I survived- … More Happy Memorial Day!


It flows around me, The sound so sweet Gently rising, Gently falling That song inspires me, Makes me feel like I could… FLY… JUMP… run It spirals and twirls, Twists and turns, Making a joyful noise But the best of them, They sound sweet, yes, They are meledious, yes They also Praise the Lord Make … More Music

Small Town Inn

The room smells like apples and freshly baked bread. The seat looks soft, the table big. Voices chatter and laugh, snatches of conversation can be heard from the street. “Don’t forget to turn the…. food is just lovely …. meal is wonderful.” The fire glows and flickers, guests enter the inviting door and shake the … More Small Town Inn

After the Rain

The dew sparkles, The spiderweb shimmers Rainbows shine, Birds sing, And cheep The sounds and smells, Are so sweet After the rain