Celine- Part 2

Well, a lot of people liked/commented my Celine Part 1. So here goes Part 2! Part 3 will go up soon too. (that’s the last part)

Part 2

An hour before the appointed time to meet Luke, Celine packed away the birthday cards she had on her desk. As her twenty first birthday was arriving, she wouldn’t need them any longer. She skipped over to the closet and pulled open the door. Adeline slipped in and sat on Celine’s bed.
“Want to help me get ready?”
“Yeah. Casual, I’m assuming.” At Celine’s nodd, Adeline opend her pants drawer and started sifting through them. Finally, Adeline chose dark skinny jeans, paired with Celine’s white fluttery top and a silver necklace Luke had given her for Christmas two years ago. While Adeline braided Celine’s hair, Celine wondered about what movie they were going to. Earlier that week he had texted and told her he found a great movie. As she stood for Adeline’s inspection, she hummed a song. Adeline smiled and handed Celine her purse.
“You’re the happiest you’ve been in months, Celine.”
“I know.” She gave a little twirl and hugged Adeline.
“Thanks, Addy. I don’t know what I’ll do when you go to college this fall.” Adeline’s smile fell momentarily, before she grinned again and walked out of the room. Then the knock Celine had been waiting for all day came, two short quick knocks. Celine knew that sound by heart, and raced to the door.
“Luke! She flung open the door excitedly and studied him. He was wearing jeans and a black tee shirt, his nice shoes and carried the baseball cap he always had. His black hair was messy, and he quickly jammed the hat on his head.
“Ready to go?” He nodded at his car and she smiled. Marcy leaned out of the window to say goodby.
“I suppose you two don’t need to be reminded of the rules?” She called out quite loudly, and they turned in surprise.
“No Mum. Adeline is coming and Kristy is in his car already!” At the sound of her name, Kristy rolled down the window and stuck her head out.
“Good!” Marcy ducked back inside just as Adeline slipped past Celine and Luke, dashing to Luke’s car and grinning at Kristy. Celine practically skipped down to the car and slid into the passenger seat.
“So what movie are we going to?” Celine turned to Luke expectantly, but all he did was grin in an annoying way.
“You’ll find out when you get there. I already have the tickets. Trust me, you will love it.” Celine rolled her eyes and shrugged. At least she trusted that he wouldn’t make her see a gross movie. As they pulled into the movies she scanned the posters. What could they be possibly watching? Not Finding Dory, Luke would NEVER go to that movie. What about Cinderella? No, Luke doesn’t love Disney.
“Come on inside.” Luke held the door for them as they walked in, then hurried past Adeline and Kristy. Grinning, he led them into the theater and seated them. Celine’s eyes flicked to the screen, which flashed Cinderella.
“Luke! Cinderella?” He leaned back in his chair and smiled.
“I knew you wanted to see it.” He waited patiently, ah there it was. A small grin spread across Celine’s face.
“How?” In response, he nodded to Adeline and Kristy. Of course! Adeline must have told Kristy, who told Luke. As the movie began, Celine glanced at Luke and smiled happily.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed this so far! I can’t wait for the 3rd part!
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