Celine- Part 3

Part 3 is done! I don’t think its quite as long, but it’s the final part. I hope I ended Celine and Luke’s story well!

Part 3

As Celine flipped through the photos that Adeline had sent, she paused at one. Luke was in it, smiling and holding Celine’s hand. THey had been praying at a church potluck and Adeline had been taking photos. When everyone was praying, Celine had felt Luke’s hand slip into hers.
“Celine!” Adeline bounced into the room, leaning over Celine’s shoulder and glancing at the picture.
“Will you help me pack for college? Oh, and Luke called.”
“Luke called!” Celine whirled to face Adeline. “What did he say? Of course I’ll help you pack, Addy.”
“Uh, Luke said he will can you on your phone.” Celine got up, grabbed her phone, and followed Adeline into her room. While Adeline pulled out different clothes, Celine packed curtains, sheets, pillowcases and towels into a box. Suddenly her phone rang, startling both of them. Celine snached the phone, and without bothering to check the caller ID, answered it.
“Hi, this is Celine. Who is this?”
“Luke. Celine, are you free tonight?”
“Yes.” Celine pressed the phone to her cheek and continued to pack.
“Well, how about dinner? At the cafe downtown.”
“Sure! That would be great. What time?”
“Well, twenty minutes?” Celine glanced at her watch, it was five o’clock.
“Great. See you soon!” She hung up and continued to pack, moving on to blankets and pillows.
“What did Luke want?” Adeline neatly lared the last outfit and taped the box shut.
“We are having dinner at five twenty.” Celine smiled and turned for the tape. “Do you remember when we had to be supervised by you and Kristy?”
“Yes!” Adeline stacked the boxes and giggled. “I’m glad Mom moved past that, at twenty two and twenty six you guys are way to old for that.” Fifteen minutes later, as Adeline carried boxes out to the living room, Celine did her hair and waited impatiently for the knock. Finally, it came. The short, quiet knock. Well, two knocks really. She raced to the door.
“Hi!” Celine smiled at him and grabbed his hand, dragging him to the car.
“Listen, Celine, before we go to dinner could we just take a walk in the park?”
“Uh, sure, why?” He started the car and pulled out, avoiding her gaze.
“Just feel like it.” She eyed him suspiciously, but shrugged away doubt. Once they arrived she hopped out and started down the path. After shutting off the car, Luke ran after her.
“Okay, Celine?” He gently stopped her, and she turned to him questioningly. He turned a pretty red and dropped to one knee.
“Luke….” She traid off and blinked. What was he doing?
“Celine, will you marry me?” Luke wiped out a box, and opened it up. Inside was a ring, pale rose gold with a single emerald.
“Oh….” Her breath caught in her throat and she struggled to answer. Finally, she regained control of her voice.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!”


  1. Ahhh! This is great! I think it would be awesome if you did a sequel type thing. Are you planning to do one, or is this the last of it?


    1. Oh that’s a WONDERFUL idea! I think I will make a sequel!


      1. Yay! Can’t wait!


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