My three Rs

  • Writing
  • Running
  • Reading

Okay, I know writing starts with w. But who cares? It sounds like R, and for school they say “the three Rs of learning:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Arithmetic”

But back to the main topic. Writing is obvious, for goodness sake, what are you reading?

I don’t talk much about running on here, but I do run. I run with my Dad, and technically my brother. (Who, from here on out will be referred to as “Dragonfighter” (screen name)) Last couple fall(s) I have run with the home school (did I mention I’m home schooled?) cross-country team, Trailblazers. I started 2-3 years ago… I think. I think it’s my 3rd year.

Reading, well what can I say? I read constantly. My Favorite Books ←This other post is a great example of that.

These are my 3 Rs. Writing, Running and Reading, a couple of my favorite things!

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