Celine- Epilogue

I haven’t written in a while, I have been busy. Recently I just discovered that “Celine” is a real name! I didn’t know that before! Anyway, this Epilogue is mostly due to Joyous Writings, a friend of mine. She suggested it, and I thought it was a great idea!


It was a cool spring day in Burnsville. The New Baptist College kids were graduating, and there was a big ceremony. Cars pulled up, lining the road up to five miles away. One of the first to arrive was a silver minivan. A family stepped out, first the driver, a tall black-haired man with a baseball cap. The passenger door opened and a woman stepped out, she was an inch or two shorter than the man, and wearing a fluttery white top. She opened the van door, revealing two little girls. One was a baby, the other two to three years old.
“You take Addy.” The woman picked up the baby, and waited for the man to take Addy, the little girl.
“Hey Addy, are you ready to meet your Aunt Adeline?” He bent down and picked her up, bouncing her up and down.
“Yes, Daddy!” She giggled, clapping her hands together in giddy excitement. Smiling, the woman cradled the baby and began to walk.
“Oh Luke, Kristy is so cute, isn’t she?” Luke smiled and nodded in agreement, peeking at the baby, Kristy. Together the family entered the big brick building.
“Celine!” A girl in a black graduation gown rushed up, hugging the woman, Celine.
“Oh can I see the Baby? She’s so cute! What’s her name?” Adeleline, the graduation girl, smiled at the baby adoringly.
“Kristy. And here’s your namesake!” Celine motioned to Luke and Addy.
“Addy, this is your Aunt Adeline.” Luke held her up and she stared solemnly at Adeline.
“I am A-D-E-L-I-N-E.” She carefully pronounced the words, then flung herself into Adeline’s arms. “But Daddy and Mommy call me Addy, you too?” Adeline giggled and hugged Addy tighter.
“I’ll call you Addy too.” She set Addy down and turned to the rows of seating.
“Mom and Dad are over there. I’ll see you after the ceremony!” She smiled, waved, and ran off, leaving Luke and Celine’s little family.
“Mommy? Where did the second Adeline go?”
“Auntie Adeline has to get ready for a big show.” Celine smiled and handed Kristy to Luke, then grabbed Addy’s hand.
“Let’s go sit by Grandma Marcy and Grandpa Peter.” She led Addy down the rows of seating, and handed her to Peter.
“Grandpa Peter! Do you have any candy?”
“Addy! That’s very impolite.” Celine mouthed ‘sorry’ to her parents and shrugged.
“Ah, but you guessed right, Addy.” Leaving Peter to distract Addy, Celine plopped down in between Marcy and Luke.
“How have you been, Celine? You just had Kristy….”
“I know, they are very close in age.” Celine passed Kristy to Marcy and sighed.
“At least Addy seems fine with Kristy. Have you seen the older Kristy yet?” Marcy shook her head and sighed in reply.
“She’s going to be late. Do you want Peter and I to keep Addy and Kristy busy? You and Luke can talk in peace for a while.” Marcy smiled knowingly. She knew quite well what two little girls where like.
“Oh thank you.” Celine gratefully gave Marcy the diaper bag and turned to Luke.
“How are you feeling?” Luke gave her a water and pressed his hand on her forehead. Impatiently, Celine pushed his hand away.
“I’m not Fragile,” She paused and grinned “It’s been two weeks since Kristy was born.”
“Yes. But you still need to stay healthy.” Luke kissed her quickly, then they settled into their chairs as the ceremony began.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That’s sooooooooooooooo awesome!
    I love it! It’s just so good! That’s a story to be proud of…😊
    P.S. Thanks for mentioning me my friend! Love you!❤


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