The Wizard on Main Street

I saw a post* and cam up with this idea: A wizard’s story from different perspectives. So this is completely random and maybe not at all good. It’s also a first draft, so feel free to comment with any suggestions!

The Wizard on Main Street

The Mail is Late

John delivered the mail at precisely 2:00 every day. But he was late. And Dr. Brown was not pleased, not in the least. He opened the door and peeked out. Of course John was late on the one day Dr. Brown truly needed the mail. Newspapers and such where of no consequence to him, as he didn’t read the normal papers. Wizards didn’t need the news. Mary Sue was coming in exactly two minutes, and Dr. Brown hoped she wasn’t late too. He did not like people to be late. Some called him strange. But still, things- and people- must be on time!

Ah, there was Mary Sue. She was walking with purpose down the hall, dressed in her housekeeping clothes.

“Dr. Brown! The landlord has a message for you. He says you need to do something about the weird smells coming from your apartment.” Mary Sue pushed past him into the cluttered apartment.

“Of course, Mary.” Dr. Brown pulled a pencil out of his pocket. “I’ll note it.” He moved the pencil on the paper, scratch, scratch went the pencil. Mary Sue smiled and went to vacuum the hall. As soon as she left Dr. Brown twitched the pencil and the air filled with the smell of roses. Oh the advantages of being a wizard where great. Dr. Brown had one concern though, John still had not arrived. Had he been apprehended? He was carrying a package with magical importance today. What on earth was keeping him? It was already 2:15. Dr. Brown could not wait any longer and, locking his apartment behind him, strode down to the lobby.

The Strange Packages

He was already late when it happened. Dr. Brown didn’t like when he was late, but what could he do about it? Several people had ordered large packages, and strange ones. Star-shaped ones, sphere ones, and even colored ones! If John didn’t know any better he would say that they where magical, but he knew better. It was 1:57 and he knew he would be late. He still had four strange packages to deliver, and that wasn’t including Dr. Brown’s mail at least the other four where close. As he dropped the final package and turned to the apartments where Dr. Brown lived, he noticed the men. Four of them, just like his four delivered packages. But these men where strange. They where at least two feet taller than an average man, and wore black cloaks. Very black.

“You. John.” The black men stood menacingly in front of him, and John winced. This didn’t look fun.


“Come with us. Now.” John shook his head hesitantly, but it was no use. They where, after all, two feet taller.

The rest is Coming Soon!


*Source: Urban wizards.

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