The Wizard on Main Street- next chap.

A trip downtown

Dr. Brown was leaving his apartment. But he was late. All because of John. Everything was late because of John. Dr. Brown would not put up with this anymore. No, he would go downtown and do his simple magic. His simple magic was the best way to make some money, enough to pay for his apartment. He smiled. A rare smile, but needed for his job.

“Magic tricks, Magic tricks! Who wants to see some Magic! Real true magic!” Wizards of the past would be ashamed of Dr. Brown. But who could blame him? The modern world was hard for Wizards. Especially Wizards who lived on Main Street. Little boys and girls crowded around Dr. Brown, their mothers too. People on Main Street knew of Dr. Brown’s magic, a real true magic people said, but they knew better and it was only tricks they said. Of course, Dr. Brown didn’t bring out his flying broomstick, or anything like that. No, Dr. Brown was a sensible person. And late. He would have to stop by the post office and see about John. It was already 3:00, and John was an hour late. He sighed and continued with his magic tricks. Being a Wizard had it’s drawbacks. Today he had only collected four dollars, perhaps he needed a different job. Perhaps someone who made apartments smell better, Mary Sue was always complaining about that.

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