My Dream Blog

If I had my way and my blog was exactly how I wanted it, this is what would happen: The blog would have 50 followers (an achievable goal- Hint Hint!) I would post every day except Sundays and vacations My dream blog may never become a reality, but I think my goals are set on … More My Dream Blog

Haven’t Been Posting

Okay first off: this is an email post. (First one!!) we are going to see a how this works! (: Second: sorry I haven’t been posting. I have my cousins here, ages 6, 4, and 2. It’s very busy and we have been doing things all day! Monday we went to the park, Tuesday we … More Haven’t Been Posting

Rena Brooks

This is an interview with Rena Brooks, a writer. 1. What inspires you to write? I am a Christian. Therefore, my inspiration to write comes from God, but the ideas for my post comes from life -dreams, conversations, nature, books articles, and the blog posts of others.  Sometimes ideas just come to me.  I truly … More Rena Brooks

Harry Potter

I recently finished reading Harry Potter. JK Rowling has an absolutely wonderful way of expressing the thoughts of the Harry Potter world, and the whole system works quite wonderfully. Now, I did not read Harry Potter and instantly become a die-hard fan. Although Harry Potter was a well written series, something in me does not … More Harry Potter

Dear Readers,

Dear Reader, Hi, I have to tell you, that I just really thought this should be in letter format. I don’t know why, but it just seems right. How are you guys? You know, sometimes I wonder what people think about my posts. Does it make a difference to you what I post? Do you … More Dear Readers,