Season’s Chosen Chap 1

This is the first chapter of a book I wrote. It goes along with Arise of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja. (found here: In Return of the Ninja, Faith goes off with Isabelle to find a book that will help her and this is the book she’s looking for!

Chapter 1- Last day of School

Dear Journal,
Today the city officials will be testing us to see what job we will be best at. I’ve copied the form we have to fill out here, a memento to remember this day.

Name:    Storm    .
Full name:    Thundering Storm                   .
Age: 13
Hobbies:    Art, Writing,   Biking,   Photography, Journaling     .
Parents: Father:   Thundering Night   .    Mother:     Thundering Joy   .
Years of Schooling:    12   .
Number received on end of year test:    20   .

“Storm! Get down here NOW!” my mother’s voice breaks my concentration.
“Coming Mother.” I lay down my Journal and push my faded blue chair away from the old desk. As I leave my room I close the door in fear that one of the twins will get in.
“I’m coming!” I thunder down the stairs to see the twins covered in a muddy mess. Ewww…
“Hi Storm. Mommy’s mad.” The cleaner, older of the twins smiles at me.
“Thundering Squirrel! Thundering Flight! How could you do this?!” I yelp. On this day of all days! I grab Flight and pull her to the bathroom.
“I’ll take Squirrel out and hose her off, she’s muddy in her hair!” Mother drags the younger twin into the patio room.
After we clean the muddy twins I rush upstairs to get dressed. I put on my hated brown/green school dress for the last time and look around the room. My purple/blue quilt and Mother’s old yellow desk. The familiar blue chair and my single mirror. Good bye room. I grab my bags and hurry out of the house. I breathe in the fresh air and run to Clear Sky’s house.
“Clear Sky! Clear Sky!” I bang on the door.
“Coming coming! Hold your horses!” I hear a patter of feet and Sky opens the door, her school uniform on and her purple/pink hair neatly braided.
“I’ve got the map.” She pulls out a map of our town.
“Were on School street, and we need to go to law street.” She traces a path to the town’s local law and reinforcement street.
“Yeah, what do you want to be?” I ask studying the map.
“I don’t know, just something clean.” Sky hates dirt, she’d have a panic attack if she had seen the twins earlier!
“What about you?”
“I want to be an Artist.”
“You know they don’t ever make people Artists anymore. Almost never!”
“Yeah, but I can hope….”
“If you say so.” Sky still looks doubtful and we each fall into our own thoughts. I look around, lots of kids my age with school uniforms on are all pushing through the crowds. I notice that everyone is headed the same way, and as we pass more houses, more kids join us. There are also Business people hurrying around. I see the familiar red and green uniforms of the grocers. I see the black uniforms of police, the blue of fishermen, the green of farmers, the brown of a blacksmith, the orange of mechanics, and the yellow of Businessmen. I also see one Purple uniform of a lawman. I don’t see any writers or artists though, but there are lots of mothers and children.
“Fresh produce for sale.” The market men call out to the people  passing, hoping for a customer.
“I’m hungry, do you want to get something?” Sky nodes to the market ally.
“Sure.” We walk down the side alley and immediately are greeted with tons of smells.
“What do you want?”I  ask.
“Let’s go to the bread section first.”
“Sure.” We walk down the alley to the bread section. Mmmmm, I see many pastries, but finally decide on a cheese roll. We also get some fruit and a chocolate bar to share.
“We’re here!” Sky points to the tall building, towering over every other building.
“Wow….” I smile at Sky.
“Yeah. Nervous too.”
“Me too. I really hope for a clean job.” Sky smiles and nods at our passing classmates.
“Welcome to City Hall! Please enter hallway number 32 for your new job!” A greeter in the grey city hall uniform smiles and points us down the correct hallway.
Why on earth do they have 32 halls?” Sky hisses in my ear and I smile.
“I was actually reading about the hall last night. It’s because to apply for city, instead of being town,  you have to have halls numbering from at least 32 to 60. Because the Mayor wanted to be a city instead of a town, 20 years ago the city hall changed all of its numbers from 1-30 into 32- 62.”
“Wow, history genius!” Sky teasingly laughs as we walk down hallway 32.
“Yeah, remember our teacher is quizzing us one last time today? Mom made me study.”
“Oh gosh, I forgot all about the test! Rats.”
“Well, I can help you study. If you’d like.”
“Sure. Thanks, Storm. I don’t know what I would do without you!”
“It’s no biggie. It will help me too. Don’t forget about the written test we have to take to see how well we write.” I smile. I love writing.
“Come in students! This is room 1 off of hallway 32. Our class has been assigned this room. Our testing today will be over a 4 hour period. Of course we will have lunch break and in between testing breaks. I want every student to please take a seat and we will take attendance.”
“Let’s sit over here.” Sky leads me to two empty seats and we drop our bags.
“Class! Don’t forget to use the lockers at the back of the room. Come to me for your locker number and the keys.”
“Come on Sky!” I jump up and head to Mrs. Flower
“Why hello Storm and Sky! What do you need today?”
“Can we have our locker information?”
“Sure. Let’s see, 100 kids. Sky’s in C, for Clear. So you have number 24. I put freind together, so Storm is… 25.” Mrs. Flower hands us our keys and we carry our extra bags over to the lockers.
“Storm, did your mom pack lunch?”
“Yeah. What about yours?”
“Mine packed.”
“Okay students! We are going to wait 10 more minutes. Then we are going to take attendance.”
“Come on! Let’s go pull out our desk supplies.”
“Sure!” We walk over to our desks and pull out: Pencils, paper, tablets, a book each, dictionaries, and our lucky erasers. Sky pulls out my pink/purple marbled eraser and I pull out her blue/green marbled eraser.
“Switch.” Sky calls, so I toss Sky hers and she tosses me mine.
“Remember when we got these?”
“Yes! Mrs. Thundering got a blue marbled one for my birthday and my mom got a pink marbled one for your birthday, to match our hair…”
“…And then when we got them we promised to carry the other eraser around and switch at school every morning.” We smile at each other and set our erasers at the very top of our desks.
“Class! Time’s up. Please quiet down and we will precede with today’s testing. First off is attendence. Windy Lion….” I drown out Mrs. Flower, knowing that I’ll answer when my name is called.
“…Clear Sky….” I jump and smile at Sky.
“… Thundering Storm….”
“Here!” Finally Mrs. Flower finishes.
“Our first assignment of the day is to write a short story. It can be about whatever you want, fiction or nonfiction, poetry or a song. If you like it can even be a chapter of a book you plan to write, or have written. I’d like Lion to  come up and pass out papers fully explaining the assignment and then you have 20 minutes to brainstorm and 30 minutes to write.” Lion walks down the rows, handing out packets of papers. She hands me my stack and I open it up.

Writing your short story

Congratulations! If you’re reading this packet you have made it through school and you are taking your final testings. Let me tell you a little bit about writing an original story.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not a writer
  • Just write what comes to mind. Your teacher won’t tell you this, but you get a 20 minute revision time at the end of the 30 minutes of writing
  • You can write about whatever you want! You can even write about your lunch yesterday
  • Writing is a process. You won’t get it right the first time, and you may need to try again

So using my four pieces of advice, be ready to set off for the adventure of a lifetime!
-Mr. Green, writer and teacher
Great! I don’t even need to read the rest of the packet, just the submitting rules part. I have taken two writing classes taught by Mr. Green, and I know what he will write.
“Okay class! Our brainstorming session is done, start writing!”


Thundering Storm,13 years, 8th grade  #32
My name is Thjodhild and I live in Norway. I am the daughter of Bjorn and I am 16 years of age. My father wishes me to marry soon and is looking for a suitable husband for me.
“Thjodhild!” Father is calling, he needs me to start a stew.
“Coming father.” Ever since mother died two years ago father has been searching for a husband for me. If he finds me one, then he can marry and start a new family.
“I’m here!” I rush into the house, leaving the goat tied up outside.
“I must go to the east in a long boat, spring is here. This time we are leaving the Thralls in charge and you are coming with. Perhaps we can find a husband for you in the far eastern lands.”
“But father! Do you want me to marry a foreign man with no knowledge about how we live at all?”

“Perhaps we can find a husband for you in the far eastern lands.”

“Right now you are not married to anyone, and yet you act as if I had died, leaving you in charge. The village men have heard of you and have no desire to marry someone who does not listen.”
“But what will I do in the east?”
“You will  marry someone. We are stopping by Denmark on the way, maybe you can find a husband there.” There is no arguing with father once he has made up his mind, I suppose I must find a husband in the east, for I’m not marrying anyone from Denmark.
“When do we leave, father?”
“We leave at dawn tomorrow, pack your belongings.”
“Yes father.” I hurry over to a crude shelf father made to house mother’s belongings. After she died he gave the shelf to me and now I find the small chest under the shelf. The chest has a faded blue color to it and a heart carved in the top. Father made this chest when he was still a young boy. He gave it to mother, and then mother used it for my baby clothes. Now I use it to pack all my possessions.
I have: A mirror, 2 strings of beads, one spare change of clothes, cooking utensils, some dried fruits and nuts in a bag, weaving tools, an amulet, a brooch, a shawl that I wrap around me, mother’s old head covering for when I marry, a small model of the god Frey, a rune book (mother’s), a bible hidden in a baby’s blanket (mother’s), and my ice-skates. Quite a few things used to be mother’s. Mother was a Christian servant from the east, but Father took pity on the young woman and married her.
“Thjodhild? When you finish packing, pack some food in this trunk.” Father hands me a bigger black trunk with no designs. This trunk is one from the east. I lug it over to the stove and wrap the bread in some scrap blankets. I made these last year from fabric scraps. I also pack a wooden bowl with dried meat in it. I include leeks, mushrooms, beef, wooden platters, ale skins, and dried fruit/nuts.
“Father, I’ve packed all my belongings and a trunk full of food.”
“Good. We are sleeping on the ship tonight, go get the beds ready.”
“Yes father.”
“Good girl. Don’t forget to grab spare blankets.”
“Yes father.” I sigh. I like my life just the way it is, but maybe I can find a better life in France. I walk off and grab some spare blankets. As I make the beds I wonder what France will be like.
“Thjodhild, you can get into the boat, but remember that the boxes in the hold are to remain unopened until we arrive.
“Yes father.”  I hurry to the longboat. This long boat was specifically made to travel long ways, not to attack villages. Because of this and because there is a girl with, the men decided to build a small cabin for me and father (who is the head of the boat). Father also gave me the honor of naming it. I guess he doesn’t want the pheasants worried about a girl being aboard. Anyway, now I  pick up a silver can from outside the door. Inside of the can father has ground up white rocks I collected from the beach. As I walk towards the boat I scoop some water into the can. I’ve done this before. All I do now is give it a good shake and then I have white paint. As I walk I weave different wood pieces and fabric scraps together, this makes a perfect brush to paint with.
“Thjodhild!” A young girl in a yellow dress with a purple covering runs up to me.
“Alsa!” Alsa is a 7 year old girl who lives by the sea. Her father is a rich merchant and her mother is a respected women in the village. She is still so innocent.
“Are you leaving Thjodhild? Mother says you aren’t wanted here and Father says he wishes your father would stop asking him questions about arranged marriages!  But I want you to stay here and not leave.” Alsa smiles up at me and I force a smile back. Alsa is the only person who believes I belong in the village and  not married.
“I wish I could stay here too, I’ll bring something home for you from France if you like.”
“Oh will you? I want to be just like you when I grow up.”
“Really? I don’t know… sometimes I wish I could change my life.”
“Your mother died when you were 14, right?” Alsa holds the paint can as I finish my weaving.
“Yes. I think, I think that if mother hadn’t died or Aunt Scryus had moved in with us I would be married already. And not so stubborn…”
“Well I like you just the way you are. What if you don’t come back from France?”
“Then I’ll send a little package for you to remember me with.” I smile and start to paint the boat’s name.
“What are you going to name it?”
“What is Ana?”
“Not what, who. And it’s Annnna.”
“Oh. Who is Anna?”
“Anna was my mother.”
“Oh…” Alsa falls silent and I paint the second n.
“Thjodhild! Alsa!” I turn to see the merchant Richard hurrying towards us. He got stranded here after his boat crashed in the storm last winter. The storms are finally clearing up, so he will travel with us to France.
“Richard!” Alsa sets down the paint can and and runs up, happily chattering to him about everything her mother taught her yesterday. Smiling Richard looks over Alsa’s head and spies the fresh paint.
“Anna?” He frowns and I hurry to explain.
“After my mother.”
“Oh.” We sit in silence and listen to Alsa’s chatter.

Finally! Done writing. I just hope it’s good….
“Okay class, 10 minutes to spare. I don’t care if you haven’t finished yet. You can finish later during lunch break. For now I want you to work on readying you page to publish.”
I pick up my packet and read that I have to add my name, age, grade, and number. Okay all I have to do is add the number on my desk. I finish my paper and Mrs. Flower calls out for revision time. I’ve already done that.

Dear Journal,
So, Mrs. Flower said that it’s revision time. Because I finished revising already I’m using this time to write in my journal. It’s almost part two of the testing, Math and other subjects are next.

“Okay class. Revision time is done and I’d like Sky to pass out the tests.” Sky walks by me and hands me a page. I take it and quickly read the test.

Testing 101

Okay. Let’s do this thing. Who am I kidding? I can’t do this! These thoughts probably passed through your mind just now. Well i’m here to tell you something. YOU CAN DO THIS! I, and everyone who made this test for you, know something you might not know about yourself. If you have confidence, and have a score over 10 on the end of year test, you will totally beat this test! If your thought process is like this now: I CAN do this! In fact, i’ll probably score in the top 50%! I’ve got this test! Then you’re halfway through beating this test.

Problems A-I: addition

  1. 250+3,000+462=
  2. If Susie eats a 300 calorie bowl of cereal, a 200 calorie glass of milk, and a 175 calorie bowl of strawberries for breakfast, how many calories is that? If Susie is on a 3,000 how many calories does Susie  have left for Lunch and Supper?
  3. After breakfast if Susie eats a 500 calorie burger, a 300 calorie pudding cup, a 438 calorie soda and a 200 calorie apple for lunch, how many calories is that? If Susie is on a 3,000 calorie diet, how many calories does Susie have left for Supper?
  4. At the end of the day Susie eats a  600 calorie dish of pasta, a 168 calorie scoop of veggies, a 499 calorie brownie, and a 300 calorie dish of ice cream for supper, how many calories is that? Does Susie have any leftover calories? If so, how much? If not, what food should she have not eaten? Remember to count lunch and breakfast, and remember that she is on a 3,000 calorie diet.
  5. 792 + 19,827=
  6. 963 + 697 + 647=
  7. 93 + 836 + 98,343=
  8. 6,103 + 83 + 2=
  9. 90 + 62 + 890,000,000=

Problems J-P: Subtraction and multiplication

  1. 40 x 89=
  2. 679 x 276=
  3. 529 x 297 x (30 x 508)=
  4. 389 x 457=
  5. 539 – 434=
  6. 339 – 294=
  7. 53,999 x 430,282,723,440=

Congratulations! You have passed the Math test! Now you need to hand in both this paper, and your end of year test.

“Class! When you have finished your  tests please pass them forewords.” I hand my test to the girl sitting in front of me and then hand her the stack of test handed to me.
“Okay class, now is your free period. If you want to eat lunch, now is the time. Also, you can’t leave the building, but you can wander the city hall. In the main room you will find shops and different tables for lunch. Please be back by 1:00, you have an hour. There are maps next to the door if you want one.”
“Yes Ms. Flower.” And the class erupts. I grab my bag out of the locker and a map.
“What do you want to do?”Sky appears over my shoulder, looking at the map.
“I was thinking maybe grabbing a bite to eat, and possibly shopping.”
“Sure!” Sky  and I hurry to the food court, where we pull out our lunches.
“What do you have?”
“I have two cheesy rolls, one sausage roll and one veggie roll. I also have a container of fruit and a bottle of juice. Mom sent money to buy a dessert. What did Mrs. Clear send for you?” Sky pulls out her pink lunch case and opens it.
“I have a turkey sandwich, an apple, milk and a cookie.” We spread out our lunch on the table and dig in.  After lunch we go to the dessert stall to buy my dessert and to buy a snack for later. We finally decide on a brownie for me and for snack we get two trail mixes.
“Okay, now what?” Sky and I look around, many kids are studying.
“Oh gosh, you should study for the history test!”
“Yea, good idea. Umm, what will you do?”
“I’ll just write in a notebook, or draw.” We hurry over to an empty table were Sky opens up her history book. I start on my brownie and pull out Thjodhild.

Thjodhild 2

“Richard!” Alsa sets down the paint can and and runs up, happily chattering to him about everything her mother taught her yesterday. Smiling Richard looks over Alsa’s head and spies the fresh paint.
“Anna?” He frowns and I hurry to explain.
“After my mother.”
“Oh.” We sit in silence and listen to Alsa’s chatter.  All too soon father comes down the path and takes Richard away to talk business.
“Umm, yes?”
“When I leave I want you to have something.”
“Okay. What?”
“Come and I’ll show you.” I lead Alsa down the narrow walkways to my house. Inside I pull down the small box I left on the shelf.
“What is that?” Alsa stands on her tiptoes to get a better look and I lead her to Father’s bed.
“This is something that used to be my mother’s, before she died. There are three of them.”
“Of what?”
“Ribbons with stones.”
“I’ll show you.” out of the box I pull three ribbons. Each ribbon, one blue, one purple, and one green, has a small silvery stone attached to the middle.
“Wow…. But what are they?” Alsa turns to me with a puzzled look and I hold up the blue one to her neck, tying it behind.
“It’s called a necklace.”
“A neck-lace?”
“Yes.” I hold up the purple one and tie that one on my neck.
“What about the green one?”
“That one is for someone else, maybe someone from the east.”
“The east?”
“Where the longboats are going. Let’s go outside, by the boats.”
“Okay.” We walk outside, following the wooden paths.
“Alsa? Alsa!”
“Sounds like you mother needs you, why don’t you go see what she wants? I have to go in the boat anyway.”
“Okay.” She sighs and trudges back to her mother’s.
“Thjodhild, please get supper ready. After supper we can work on projects in the boat until night.”
“Yes Father.” I hurry onto the boat where I pull out the pre-cooked stew, Father asked me to prepare it yester

“Storm?” Sky calls me mid-sentance and I don’t even finish the word yesterday.
“I’m done studying. Do you want to come get a new bag? Mom said I could get a new bag at the bag store, as long as it was under ten delifents.
“I’m thinking maybe a brown satchel.”
“That sounds, good. Depending on what job you get it could be really handy.”
“Yea, that’s what I was thinking too.” We walk into the bag store, where Sky and I walk around, looking for the satchel section
“Found the satchels!” Sky calls to me, a few aisles away. I hurry over and we flip through.
“I found two. A small one and a big one.” Sky holds up two satchels and I look at the price.
“The small one is 12 delifents, it’s WAY cuter. The big one is 9 delifents, but it’s not even half as cute.”
“Yea, I’ll wait and maybe get one later. I wonder if the little one will go on sale?” Sky pulls out her tablet and I put the big bag back.
“I’m going to scan the little one, with my store sale thing. Maybe it IS on sale!” Sky clicks on the blue app that says FOR REAL SALES! Then she downloads a picture of  the bag onto her app.
“YES! It’s 20% off. 2 Delifents and 40 Telefints off.  That makes the total price….”
“9 Delifents and 60 Telefints. Perfect!”
“Yes, because I have to add the 40 Telefint tax.”
“Great! You can checkout, i’ll go throw away the trash from lunch. I meet back up with Sky outside the shop, she’s proudly displaying her new bag.
“Come on Sky, we have to go back to testing.” We hurry down the halls, skidding to a stop in front of our classroom.