My Crazy Nervous System

I have a crazy nervous system. It can go insane at really annoying times! When we are kayaking (for an example) it tells me ‘Your going to flip over. Stop the boat, you’re not going to stay dry!’ It tells me to fiddle with my clothes, play with my hair, twist my bracelet(s)….

It drives me insane. I get nervous that I’ll get lost (in the store, I know, weird right? Who gets lost in Walmart?) I get nervous that my post won’t work, that I won’t publish The Discoverer on time, that I’ll forget to post, that I’ll be late for whatever I’m going to, the list goes on and on and on and ON.

Anyway, sorry if this isn’t something fun to read. But it’s me, and if your reading about me, and taking this great journey of writing with me, then you need to know this! So, this is me.