Conversation as a Writer

“Oh your a writer. So…. what do you write?”
“Children’s fantasy.”
“Have you finished a book?”
“Yes. Two.”
“Cool. Have you published a book?”
“No, I’m not ready for that yet.”
“Oh. Do you have a website?”
“Yes. It’s a blog.”
“Oh. So, what do you do all day?”
“School. Write. Google stuff. Play.”
“Oh. Writing is so easy, I mean, how long did it take you to finish a book?”
“It took me 6 months to finish the firsts book, 4 months to finish the second. And I really haven’t edited the second yet.”
“Oh. Okay. Have you tried these brownies?”

This is not what a conversation about my books goes like! The one below isn’t either!
“So, your a writer!”
“Have you finished any books?”
“Yes, two.”
“Cool!! Are they published?”
“No, not yet.”
“Awesome! Do you have a website or blog?”
“Yes, a blog.”
“Wow! Can I have the site address??”

No, a conversation about my books goes more like this:
(random grown up)”So what, if  you could be anything, would you be?”
“A writer.”
“A writer, huh? Do you know how much money writers make?”
“Yes. I’m also going to be a teacher.”
“A teacher! That’s a good job. But it’s hard. What grade will you teach?”
“Elementary. Young elementary, hopefully. But so far I’m just writing. I have written two books now, you know.”
“Really? You know, elementary kids are so nice and cute. Middle school is much harder.”
“I know. Hold on, my mom is calling.”

Then I leave. That’s what conversations with adults are like, but kids that I know however…. I think I bore them to death. Like this:
“Oh yes, I have written two books. The first is about a girl named Faith who goes on a journey to save her sister, and becomes a Ninja. She meets three friends and a guy to mentor her! It’s not as good as my second book, Return of the Ninja, but that’s because I wrote it way earlier….” And on and on. Gosh, that even sounds boring to me! 🙂