VBS- As a preschool crew leader

So this week our church has VBS. I am a preschool crew leader, which means I lead a group of kids around to different classes. Now, with preschoolers you have to have a different way of working than with the elementary kids. I have a group of five kids (two girls): Chloe*, Avery, (three boys) John, Henry,  and Owen.

Now, Renée was there too (actually a lot of my friends where- but she was the only preschool crew leader friend). Renée had a couple (4?) kids and Lucy had 4ish kids. Luke had 4 too, and he was in my group. See, the preschoolers had four crews, Mine, Lucy’s, Renée’s, and Luke’s. Each crew paired up with another crew for classes. It was group 1: Mine and Luke’s crews. Group 2: Lucy, and Renée’s crews.

Chloe, oh Chloe. Her younger brother (Bob) is in Lucy’s crew. Lucy’s crew sat next to my crew for the opening and closing (because she was crew 3 and I was crew 2) Somehow Chloe and Bob always ended up sitting next to each other and bothering each other. At one point Mrs. Clara B. was talking and all of the sudden Lucy and I spot Chloe and Bob rolling on the floor! Chloe was tickling Bob, and when I asked her if she was torturing her brother, she nodded.

John gives me the most trouble. The funny thing is, he’s best friends with Avery, who gives me no trouble at all. John mostly doesn’t pay attention, or listen well. At one point we where doing games with Luke’s crew and Luke had to simply pick him up because he was throwing gravel and wouldn’t listen!

Avery is a sweet little girl, and really dosn’t give me any trouble. She sits still when Mrs. Clara B is talking and listens to the teachers. Same with Owen and Henry, they don’t really give me any trouble. In fact, Owen cleans up his food mess from snack all by himself! (without me pestering him a million times)

One of my favorite stories is really sweet. Now, John gives me trouble, but he’s a sweet little boy and loves his brother to death. Every time we see his brother he is bound to run over and hug and hug his brother.

*Names changed

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