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The Wizard on Main Street

A while back I wrote the first and second chapters of The Wizard on Main Street on this blog. This is all the chapters put together because I finished it recently.

The Wizard on Main Street

The Mail is Late

John delivered the mail at precisely 2:00 every day. But he was late. And Dr. Brown was not pleased, not in the least. He opened the door and peeked out. Of course John was late on the one day Dr. Brown truly needed the mail. Newspapers and such where of no consequence to him, as he didn’t read the normal papers. Wizards didn’t need the news. Mary Sue was coming in exactly two minutes, and Dr. Brown hoped she wasn’t late too. He did not like people to be late. Some called him strange. But still, things- and people- must be on time!

Ah, there was Mary Sue. She was walking with purpose down the hall, dressed in her housekeeping clothes.

“Dr. Brown! The landlord has a message for you. He says you need to do something about the weird smells coming from your apartment.” Mary Sue pushed past him into the cluttered apartment.

“Of course, Mary.” Dr. Brown pulled a pencil out of his pocket. “I’ll note it.” He moved the pencil on the paper, scratch, scratch went the pencil. Mary Sue smiled and went to vacuum the hall. As soon as she left Dr. Brown twitched the pencil and the air filled with the smell of roses. Oh the advantages of being a wizard where great. Dr. Brown had one concern though, John still had not arrived. Had he been apprehended? He was carrying a package with magical importance today. What on earth was keeping him? It was already 2:15. Dr. Brown could not wait any longer and, locking his apartment behind him, strode down to the lobby.

The Strange Packages

He was already late when it happened. Dr. Brown didn’t like when he was late, but what could he do about it? Several people had ordered large packages, and strange ones. Star-shaped ones, sphere ones, and even colored ones! If John didn’t know any better he would say that they were magical, but he knew better. It was 1:57 and he knew he would be late. He still had four strange packages to deliver, and that wasn’t including Dr. Brown’s mail at least the other four were close. As he dropped the final package and turned to the apartments where Dr. Brown lived, he noticed the men. Four of them, just like his four delivered packages. But these men were strange. They were at least two feet taller than an average man, and wore black cloaks. Very black.

“You. John.” The black men stood menacingly in front of him, and John winced. This didn’t look fun.


“Come with us. Now.” John shook his head hesitantly, but it was no use. They were, after all, two feet taller.

A trip downtown

Dr. Brown was leaving his apartment. But he was late. All because of John. Everything was late because of John. Dr. Brown would not put up with this anymore. No, he would go downtown and do his simple magic. His simple magic was the best way to make some money, enough to pay for his apartment. He smiled. A rare smile, but needed for his job.

“Magic tricks, Magic tricks! Who wants to see some Magic! Real true magic!” Wizards of the past would be ashamed of Dr. Brown. But who could blame him? The modern world was hard for Wizards. Especially Wizards who lived on Main Street. Little boys and girls crowded around Dr. Brown, their mothers too. People on Main Street knew of Dr. Brown’s magic, a real true magic people said, but they knew better and it was only tricks they said. Of course, Dr. Brown didn’t bring out his flying broomstick, or anything like that. No, Dr. Brown was a sensible person. And late. He would have to stop by the post office and see about John. It was already 3:00, and John was an hour late. He sighed and continued with his magic tricks. Being a Wizard had it’s drawbacks. Today he had only collected four dollars, perhaps he needed a different job. Perhaps someone who made apartments smell better, Mary Sue was always complaining about that.


The Post Office

“Dr. Edgar!” Dr. Brown grimaced at the sound of his name. Only one person called him Edgar. Mrs. Lane.

“Good morning Mrs. Lane.” He had hoped Mrs. Lane wasn’t at work today. She always made him late, and he WAS already late.

“And how are you? Did John deliver the mail?”

“I’m fine. No, John didn’t deliver the mail,” He might as well get straight to the point. “In fact, I was wondering if there is a package here for me?”

“Ah, there was. But John took it.”

“Really, where is John? I just can’t believe he’s an hour late.”

“I don’t know, there were a lot of packages. Strange ones too. Red, blue, shiny, star-shaped, even a sphere! Did you here what John’s wife, Mrs. Kristy, said the other day? She said John-”

“Mrs. Lane, really. I don’t come here to gossip.”

“Gossip! My goodness!” Mrs. Lane’s hand flew to her heart and she gasped. “I do not gossip. But here is your mail. John forgot it.” Mrs. Lane handed Dr. Brown a stack of mail and hurried him out the door. It was already 3:30, maybe he should see about printing ads for a new business.


John is found

Oh goodness me. John was is quite a predicament.  What to do? Men two feet taller than him where dragging him down the side road. Dr. Brown sighed in disappointment. He had hoped this was not a magical predicament. But it sure looked like one! Quickly, Dr. Brown performed an invisibility spell and hurried after John and the four men. It was probably because of the packages- this was the annual holiday for sales on magical things. Like black friday for normal people. A lot of Wizards in John’s district had probably ordered packages. Dr. Brown sighed again. They were pulling John straight to the main place where Dr. Brown’s fellow Wizards had broom fights. This was not good. Quickly he whipped out his broom (invisible, of course) and flew past John and the men. Oh dear, this would complicate things. The men where human! Dr. Brown did a quick scan and realised that they were walking on stilt type shoes, and didn’t know about magic.
“Where are you taking me?” John tugged on one of the men’s robes and stumbled in the process.

“Well you see, we want to open those packages you have. They have valuables. Especially the colored ones.” Gasping, Dr. Brown threw up a force field spell and whisked John’s bag away.

“What- hey!” The men tried to climb up the walls with ropes, but their cloaks fell off and revealed their ridiculous shoes. Dr. Brown dropped the sack by John and nudged him with the broom. John ran- which was exactly what Dr. Brown wanted. He barricaded the men in with boxes and called the police- saying he had heard strange noises off the main road.

All’s well ends well

After racing to beat John to his apartment, Dr. Brown undid his invisibility spells and his force field spell on the alley, then he changed his clothes and started supper. The doorbell rang and he hurried to get it.

“Ah, John.”

“Sorry I’m so late. There was an odd predicament down the road. Here’s your package.” John handed to package to Dr. Brown quickly and raced down the hall. It would take awhile to deliver those packages and get back on track, Dr. Brown realized as he closed the door. But he, he was right on time.

“5:00, and supper is ready.”

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Eighty Years and More; Reminiscences 1815-1897

So I recently read a book called: Eighty Years and More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 it’s about Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s life. Mrs. Stanton (in case you don’t know) was a women’s suffrage movement leader and an influential woman. She lived from 1815-1902.

In the height of her women’s suffrage movements and at the end of the women’s suffrage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton traveled extensive amounts, which is quite amazing even in this time and day. Mrs. Stanton traveled to Europe multiple times, to the territories and to California. She was always with multiple bags (she brought pamphlets about women’s suffrage everywhere) and she almost always ended up helping someone she met. About halfway through one of her trips she held an impromptu speech at a train station because the passengers were delayed and had to wait over an hour for the next train. Often she traveled with one or two children and she often helped mothers who she met who were traveling with multiple children. Mrs. Stanton was a wonderful speaker, mother, wife, and woman. She is quite an inspiration to women and girls everywhere, even now, one hundred and fifteen years after her death.

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I am a diverse person

I am a writer
That is for sure
I am a writer

But not only a writer

I play Minecraft
I play LEGOs
I run

I also take photos,
Sew, and sing

I am a writer,
Most of all

But please do not categorize me

For no one can truly be categorized
No one fits into one category

Everyone is unique
I am a writer
That is true

But please do not categorize me
Because I am so much more

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The Joys of Siblings

May 26th 2018, our book, The Joys of Siblings will be released and ready to read.

The back of the book reads:

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
~Psalm 133:1

Four writers, four families. Follow the narratives of Grace Matlyn Buckner, Loretta Marchize, Reba Cray, and Grace Iannello as they tell their sibling’s stories in this unique book. Each writer spins a tale four chapters long, a tale of growing up and of siblings. From one sibling to seven, each distinctive piece will have you laughing, crying, smiling, and everything in between

That sums up the book pretty good. It’s very exiting, as this is the first book I have written with someone else. If you want to visit our website:

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Formating Book

So I’m formatting some of my short stories that I wrote, a few which I posted here. The stories are:

  • Celine
  • Small Town Inn
  • The Wizard on Main Street (which I finished and am possibly posting to Wattpad. I will tell you if I do)
  • Adventure on the River
  • The Golden Summer
  • Time Travel
  • I am a Queen
  • Drafting the Rules (wich I posted on here under the title ‘Time Travel Rules’
  • The Storm of a Hundred Years
  • Plus any other short story I write.

I’m formatting these so that if I ever end up self-publishing them I am all ready. I want to practice on these and figure it out before I do anything big. So… if you have any links to sites that help with formatting processes, (I’m using OpenOffice) or any tips from experience/research- I’m welcoming them! Thank you!

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Barnes and Noble Thrill

Okay yes, I’ve been a very busy person today. But hey, all the more fun for you, right? (:

This is a post I did on the BGLG

As a side note, the book that the BGLG and I are writing is coming along nicely. I have all four of my chapters done and I don’t know about the others, but we all have quite a bit done. We are going to have a release date sometime soon, and I will make another post then, but include the book cover. Witch is awesome by the way, it’s one of the best ones yet! (The book cover)

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Random Little Things

Headphones, Notebook
Kindle, and Pencil
These are the things that are me
Laptop, sketchbook

These are the things that are me
Do they really define me?
Do they really say who I am?

Or is it the clean room,
The messy writing
The open bible
That really defines me?

There are random little things,
Headphones, Notebook
Kindle, and Pencil
Laptop and Sketchbook
These are the things,
That fill my house

These are the things
That sit on my desk

Is it they that define me?
Or is it the tangled cords,
The messy handwriting,
The fully charged kindle,
In a flowery case
The mechanical Pencil,
That ran out of lead,
A long time ago

Is it the google documents,
And WordPress,tabs
The Sketchbook filled to the brim,
With character sketches,
Are these the things that truly define me?

They say a picture equals a thousand words
They say a writer uses a notebook
But so does a scholar,
A preacher,
A teacher

They say a picture equals a thousand words,
But it is not the picture,
It is the content.

The messy writing, the tangled cords
The open WordPress tabs,
The flowery case,
The open bible

Those are the things
That make a picture,
Those are the things
That tell you who I am

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The Discoverer

I do believe that a while back I posted a link for my monthly newspaper, but before I start this post, here it is again:  This post was supposed to be out tomorrow, but then I had to go run… So it didn’t come out. So sorry!

There are a lot of good things about being the editor of a newspaper: it’s a good thing to impress people with, it’s fun to see everyone’s work and then share it with other people, I can put things in the newspaper whenever I want, and because I run it I don’t need to put things it it all the time, I edit it for goodness sake!

However, running a newspaper isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of hard things about it too, I need to remember ALL my subscribers, keep my staff on track (sometimes they forget to do stuff) and I need to keep the website updated, PLUS do this blog also. And if you go into the buisness expecing to make money? I’m sorry, not happening. Expecially if you plan to print your nespaper, a LOT of money!

Of course, if someone went into buisness planning to have a big newspaper that distributes city wide and covers political and other big topics, then you can make some money.

HOWEVER, my nespaper is a friends and family newspaper, other people get it to, but it is run by people who are friends and family. None of us are paid, all money goes to The Discoverer, for printing and other costs.

Anyway, running a newspaper may be hard, but it’s worth it! Plus, I get to put it on my English school report, even though it’s not school (benefits of homeschooling!!) I love The Discoverer and don’t want to quit it anytime soon. The other thing is, even though it’s hard, everyone has an equal load. My mom edits it, my friend Grace Matlyn Buckner runs our Google+, so it’s not like I’m all on my own here.

Please visit our site, or our Google+. It would mean a lot to us, we are small but we really want to grow The Discoverer.

By the way, Expect a poem or two from me today!

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Outfit Creator

If you follow the link it leads you to this really cool outfit creator for writers. It’s really good for fiction writers. It works well, can do boy or girl outfits and easily converts to a PNG image on your computer to print and color in however you want. I made all my characters (10- including bad guys) for a new short story I’m working on.