The Storm of a Hundred Years- 2

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Chapter 2

Mysgale stood on top of his tower, watching the figure struggle up the path. He was alone today, and it saddened Mysgale to see that. It was such a shame that Arion had to go so young, especially because of Zinnia. Mysgale hurried down the stairs to meet Arion in the doorway, and his timing was perfect.

“Mysgale! I’m here.” Arion’s voice had a sad tone, and Mysgale was afraid this would be a rather dreary meeting.

“Come in and let me help you take your coat off. Oh, no. Keep the umbrella. I have tons of them.” He hurried to hang Arion’s coat over the fire and propped the umbrella over a heating grate, along with Arion’s boots. Soon they were sitting cosily in two chairs, Mysgale’s purple easy chair and a blue one for Arion.

“Now, in three days we will have the ceremony, Arion. Do you think you will be ready in three days?”

“Yes, but why three?” Arion grabbed the whistling teapot off the fire before Mysgale could, and truth be told, Mysgale was glad. His old bones didn’t like constantly standing and sitting.
“Because the Isra are having a holiday of sorts, to celebrate conquering the humans. Their guard will be down.” Mysgale resisted a chuckle as Arion fumbled to set up the tea set correctly, and summoned a tin of cakes from the cupboard with his wand. Arion popped open the tin and gave Mysgale a small red velvet cake, and took a vanilla cake for himself. “The question really is, will your Zinnia be ready in three days?”

“Will she? Possibly, she is very strong minded.” A happy note sounded when Arion talked about Zinnia, but faded with his next words. “I told my father.”


“And he thinks it’s a bunch of hogwash, but is willing to try it.” Mysgale frowned and opened a spell book.

“Well, see me in three days, young man. We will meet at the top of the hill, make sure everyone is there. Tell your father- Lord Laster- to prepare the army.”

“Of course. Thanks, Mysgale. See you in three days.” Everything Arion said was in a low tone, and pursed his lips as he watched Arion work his way back to town. Oh I do dearly hope he and Zinnia come to terms before he had to die. Mysgale sighed and beckoned his cat- Hope- to come out of her hiding place.

“You don’t like visitors, do you my sweet Hope? Nevermind that, you need to help me right now.” Mysgale began to pull out different herbs and gently dragged Hope over to the corner. He borrowed Hope’s magic, and whipped up a concoction to use with the spell. Then he waved his hand over his seeing bowl and peered into it.

The first thing he saw was Zinnia. She was sitting on the floor of a empty kitchen- the orphanage, Mysgale assumed. She had Arion’s small red umbrella in her hands, and was leaning against the cabinets. She closed her eyes and moved her mouth, Mysgale wished- not for the first time- that the bowl had sound. She seemed to be crying softly, and would pause every once in awhile to read some scrap of paper.

“This is pointless, Hope. I’m going to check in on Arion.” Mysgale waved his hand again and peered in a second time.

Arion was eating dinner with his family. It was a very formal setting, Lord Laster at the head, Arion’s mother to his right and Arion himself at his mother’s right. Mysgale looked at the settings carefully, an older looking boy sat to Lord Laster’s left, a girl to the boy’s left and at the end of the table a girl of ten or so years. Mysgale assumed that Arion was second to youngest, and guessed that was why his father didn’t seem to concerned about the ceremony in three days.

“Oh the poor boy. Hope, would you like dinner?” The teal cat purred and blinked brown eyes. Mysgale smiled and gave her a bowl with tuna, he made a can of soup for himself. As he sat there, all alone in the kitchen, with not a sound except the cat’s licking noises, he mused on how glad he would be once the invasion to get back the islands started.