I am a Queen

This picture isn’t exactly what my story is about, but it inspired it!

“Do you really think that being a Queen is just that- being a Queen?”  Her red hair swished as she tipped her head back.

“No- yes. Well, what does that mean to you?” Her daughter pushed back equally red hair and frowned at her mother.

“Being a Queen is being strong when you feel weak, glad when you feel sad and wearing a comforting smile when you feel like crying. Being a Queen Victoria is not just a title.”

“But mother,” Princess Anastasia smiled softly “the Kings do all the work.” At this Queen Victoria stiffened and turned away from the window, facing Anastasia.

“Anastasia, my dearest child. Because you are to be a Queen one day, it is crucial for you to understand that being a Queen is everything. So, let me tell you a story.” They both settled into high-backed chairs and the Queen began the story.

Once upon a time, in a place not so far away, there lived a Princess. She was not any Princess, she was to be Queen one day. But she did not understand what it meant to be Queen, she thought it was all lessons and paintings and formalities. One day, as she was fitting into a corset, her mother came into the room with a look of fright in her amber eyes. She quickly told her that a war was coming to the castle, and she had to prepare. So the Princess immediately shrugged off the corset and slipped into a more practical gown. Then she started packing. Her mother (the Queen) came upon her when she was halfway through the ball gowns. ‘What do you think you are doing?’ Her mother screeched like a angry bird, and pulled the princess into the hall. There she explained that it was the people that needed saving, and sent the Princess to gather the servants and prepare food. The Queen herself led all the townspeople into a passage under the castle, she had no thought of safety for herself, and put herself into great danger. Meanwhile the Princess was not faring as well, the servants refused to listen and went about packing food, while she tried to hurry them on. When she finally got all the servants to the passages, she discovered that her mother had been shot by an arrow and while not on her death bed, was rendered immobile and couldn’t lead them out. The Princess was the only one who was left to lead, so she stepped up onto the high ground in the passage. As she looked out over the crowd of people relying on her, and her alone, to lead them to safety, she knew that she had discovered what it ment to be Queen. So, even though she felt scared for her Mother, and for her Father and brothers fighting outside, she put on a brave face and faced her people. For that’s who they where, her people.

“Now do you see?” Queen Victoria smiled gently at Anastasia and brushed her hair away from he face.

“Yes, Mother. I believe I see. It’s like you said: Being a Queen is everything.”

If you want to hear more of the other story (The Storm of a Hundred Years) visit Wattpad and search for it (or me. Lorettamz is my username)