The Storm of a Hundred Years- 3

Finally getting this out!! Sorry it’s taken so long, but I now have all three parts ready!! (There are more parts on Wattpad. Link below)

Chapter 3

Zinnia stood near the back of the crowd and watched Mysgale march up the path to the stone platform. She knew she would be seeing Arion’s final moments, and she was beginning to wonder if she was right in what she had decided.

“Our wizard, Mysgale!” The shouter had climbed the platform and cranked out a set of wooden stairs for Mysgale, who climbed up and stood facing the crowd, a somber expression on his face.

“Our champion, Sir Arion Laster, nineteen years of age!” Zinnia frowned. They should know that he was twenty as of today. A messenger whispered in the shouter’s ear, and he stood again. “Our champion, Sir Arion Laster, is twenty years of age, his birthday falls on today!” The crowd cheered, although Zinnia wasn’t sure why. He was to never live past his twentieth birthday, so why were they so happy?

“Does anyone wish to say last goodbyes?” Zinnia slowly pushed her way forward. This was her chance.

“I do.” Her strong, clear voice carried over the crowd as she mounted the stairs and stood in front of Arion, trying not to show emotion in front of the crowd. “Ari. I believe I never gave this back.” She handed him the small red umbrella, she would not need it as today was a surprisingly un-rainy day. It was still storming, but no rain.

“Is that all, Zin?” Arion’s whispered voice, his sad tone, dreary eyes, and the use of her nickname all struck a single cord in Zinnia’s heart- and broke it. Her calm composure faded, and the stiffness she felt fled, two tears trickled down her cheeks, letting a flood out. “Zinnia!” Arion’s strong arms wrapped around her and she sobbed into his nice tunic.

“Goodby, Ari. Please don’t do this to me, please don’t leave me.” She whispered the words quietly so the crowd wouldn’t hear, only Arion could hear her.

“I have to, don’t protest, Zin. Make my final moments happy moments.” She smiled up at him through her tears and he whispered into her hair before pulling away. “I’ll always love you, Zinnia.” It was the first time he had used her real name in nearly a decade, it prompted a new cascade of tears.

“I love you too, Arion.” She hurriedly brushed the tears away, just in time to see Arion smiling at her. He looked about to say something, but the wizard waved his wand and Arion froze in that position. A long wispy black thread rose from his chest and Zinnia buried her face in her jacket. It was actually Arion’s jacket, an old cast off from when he was fourteen. When she looked up again she saw Arion- no, his body- standing there. He had a vacant expression on his face, he was staring off into the distance, and she knew he was not there any longer.

“It is done.” Mysgale turned away from Arion’s body sadly. “His soul is no longer in his body, his body is still there though and will be taken into an extensive care unit inside the castle. He will never come back.” The skies cleared and the sun came out, the storm was over. It was the first time Zinnia had ever seen the sun, she should have been rejoicing, but she was crying instead.

“We will march out the army now, but I have a request.” Arion’s father- Lord Laster- was standing on the stage now. “Zinnia, Arion loved you. And he was your only friend, he confessed to me last night. Zinnia, he had one last request from his father. Will you become part of our family, Zinnia?” Zinnia drew in her breath sharply, four days ago she would have been so pleased. She was pleased, but not exuberant.

“Of course, Lord Laster. That would make me very happy.”

“Zinnia, you may call me father. And would you like to lead the army by my side, in honor of Arion who would have instead?” Zinnia’s mind flashed back to a couple days before. Something Mysgale said: “But you must see, Arion, that you could do great things. You have potential as a military commander, which would be useful against the Isra.”

“I would be glad to, Lord- Father.” As Zinnia followed the Lord a thought crossed her mind. Future me was right- the hardest thing was to see Arion’s body- without a soul. And then she realised one thing that made her happy- even if she was grieving. Arion would be so happy.   for the next part of the story!