Time Travel Rules

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Ruby smiled and nodded to her Queen, even though she was worried.

“I assume that you, as the inventor of time travel, are able to create rules for time travel?”

“Of course, My Lady.” Ruby bowed the Queen out of her study and then sat down at her desk. Time travel rules. I will be affecting the whole future, the past too! How can I do this? Ruby put her head in her hands and groaned. She would have to create a rough draft and then finalize it. She pulled out a page of her notebook and scribbled down her thoughts before flipping to a new page and writing in neat handwriting:

  • Never ever use time travel for things that don’t really matter
  • Try not to change time AT ALL because then you (and/or others) would have never been born.
  • Time travel machines must be inspected by authorized personnel, and if they are going to pass through country borders (on plane/ship/truck) they must have a sticker saying that they have license to use it.
  • Time travel drivers must be licensed in driving and time travel.
  • Parts for machines must come from verified places
  • DO NOT travel with dysfunctional parts
  • Always carry spare parts and tools
  • Be prepared for the time zone you are going into

“Almost done, Mrs. Ruby?” Ruby’s red head bobbed up from the desk and she stared at her apprentice. Her eyes flashed to the clock, and with a start she realized two hours had passed.

“Er, yes. Here, please send them in to the grammar checkers and then pick them up and send them to the Queen.” Ruby typed the rules up quickly onto a document and saved the document before handing them to her apprentice and falling into her bed.

“Goodnight, Mrs. Ruby.”

“Goodnight, James.” Ruby rolled over and smiled at the closed door. At least I won’t ever have to do anything like that again!

The next month Ruby opened a letter from the Queen.

“Dear Ruby, I read that you invented flying cars. Because you are the inventor, I would like you to plan out a road system and bring it to the counsel. I also need a set of rules to make sure no one bumps into each other. What do you say? Of course you’ll do it, you did it last time and it turned out splendidly! Thank you, my dear sister! -Victoria” Ruby read the letter out loud to James and then threw it at the table.

“That sister! Another set of rules!” James snickered behind her, but Ruby didn’t care.

“I’ll prepare some tea, Mrs. Ruby.”

“Thank you, James.” This is going to be a long night….

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