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I wonder how many of the readers out there know what their purpose is. How many writers, chefs, artists, athletes, singers, and photographers out there, are discovering their gifts. Abilities and talents that far surpass one’s wildest dreams.

Natural talent is just that- natural. Those who excel in mathematics may not find activities such as ballroom dancing easy to master. Whereas the gifted sculptor may find automotive work difficult. And that’s OK. It’s as it should be. Picture a world where everyone was good at painting and that was what everyone did for a living. For one thing, the competition would be impossible to beat. But more importantly, wouldn’t that be boring? All anyone would discuss is painting.

Understand that I am not putting down art in any way, it is purely an example.

While painting is a great hobby, not everyone can paint. I am speaking for myself when I say that it takes a special person to confidently grasp a brush in their hand and call their outcome, a masterpiece. My painting ability is limited to the occasional sun catcher and plaster Christmas ornaments.

We all possess unique and remarkable talents. Granted, there are many authors on this planet, but each have their own writing style. Their own genres they seem drawn to. No two authors are the same. No two web designers are the same. Which brings up another point. We should not look to others and try to be them. There is only one Judy Garland, so an aspiring singer/actress should not strive to become like her. It is an easy trap to fall into, idolizing someone and wanting to be just like them. But you, yes you, who are reading this, are your own person. An individual created to be an individual.

Just as God gave us our own unique fingerprints and DNA, He gave you your own gift. These are called Spiritual gifts. Look around in nature, it is full of color, beauty and diversity. Take snowflakes for example, no two are alike, yet all have delicate designs and patterns. God loves variety. He loves you.

In the Bible, 1 Corinthians chapter 12 talks of our spiritual gifts and explains how the body of the church is made of many members. Not all are called to be Sunday School Teachers, Pastors or sing in the choir. No matter what your personal relationship is with God, He loves you and He has blessed you with a gift. The gift He has given is not meant to be ignored or forgotten. It is meant to help others, but more importantly, it is meant to give back to God.

Your God-given talent is a beautiful thing. I encourage you to seek out your gift and use it to the best of your abilities.

Thank you for reading!

~Writer for Christ~

Author Bio- I have been on my WordPress account for a couple months now. I am an avid reader and writer. I have lived in Texas with my family for about four years, but I’m originally from Ohio. I am currently working toward my dream of becoming an author. I have two books on Amazon, ‘The Beast’ and ‘Tales of a Story-Teller.’ My hope is to give God glory through my writing.

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