New book idea

My friends and I recently got a new book idea to write together. It’s the BGLG Writing group of friends that I came up with the idea with.

See, we were all talking on google hangouts together and Reba said ‘oh the joys of siblings!’ and Grace Matlyn Buckner said that she would totally read a book called ‘the joys of siblings. So then of course I said ‘oo let’s write that!’ Our other friend, Gracie (different grace) has seven siblings, so of course she’s good. Reba, Grace and I all have siblings too, so it was a idea we all latched onto. Now it’s a book!

We each are writing four chapters, there are four parts and each of us have a chapter in each part. Right now the first part is being worked on, but when it’s all done you (my readers) will hopefully get a chance to read it!

It’s all about our siblings and growing up with our siblings. There are stories, funny stories and backstories that aren’t necessarily funny, but establish who we (and our siblings) are.

In the book we meet: Grace Matlyn’s brother, Reba’s two and a half siblings, Gracie’s seven siblings, and my own siblings. (Hunter and Catherine.)

I was going to publish something else on here, but I had some internet issues so I’m just updating you guys on what I’ve been doing (:

Lately I’ve been:

  1. Writing The Joys of Siblings
  2. Working on BGLG site
  3. Writing in The World Inside the Portal (different short story)
  4. And writing The Storm of a Hundred Years
  5. Plus I’ve been working on this site, and school (homeschooling… I do summers too)

So I’ve been a busy person (because, believe it or not, I DO have to eat/sleep :P)

The other thing is that I FINALLY saved up $55.36 and bought a kindle fire 7 5th generation plus case on prime day for only $46. The case usually would be $30, but I got it for $14. The kindle I got for $30, and it comes tomorrow or the day after that so I’m exited about that too. Anyway, what have you guys been doing?



  1. That’s cool! I’ve been working on a new book.

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  2. I’ve been:
    1)Working on my book, Letters from Home.
    2)Working on The Joys of Siblings. 🙂
    3)Updating my blog, and BGLG Writing.


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