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This post is by Grace Matlyn Buckner

Blue, green, brown,
Colors, shades, variety,
No two the same.

Big and small,
Round or straight,
Different shapes and sizes.

“Windows to the soul,”
Feelings flit across,
Joy, sorrow, bitterness, pain.

Tears are drops of emotion,
Blinks are signs of uncertainty,
Signals for others.

Eyes are vital,
Needed to show the world,
The true you!



Hi! My name is Grace Matlyn Buckner. I am a thirteen-year old author (and blogger) living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. A homeschooled 8th grader, I have played piano for over six years and play for the local homeschool band. I currently write for the Discoverer, a monthly newspaper, along with my solo projects. I’m also one of the founders of LGRG Writing. I have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and hope to serve Him through writing!

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