New Book Thrill

Don’t you just love the ‘new book thrill’ that comes with getting a brand new book idea?

“Wow,” you think “This book is the best idea yet! I can see it all played out, exactly where it will go, exactly how the characters will react…. Wow! I can’t wait to get started right away! I’m sure it will all go by so fast, what could go wrong?” 

Then you start to research, write little scribbles of ideas, keep pages and pages of notes and character info, you research publishing options and book formats and all sorts of other not-very-useful-things-that-we-won’t-mention, because hey, writers never get distracted, do they? (Ha ha)

The next step is to write the first chapter, an author bio, come up with a great title and create an awesome book cover. ‘Don’t over think it’ reads one site ‘When it gets hard, push through it’ reads another site.

‘Ha!’ You say to yourself ‘This is easy! What are they talking about?’

Next you write the second chapter, a bit harder then the first, and work on making a neat table of contents, and dedicating your book. Two weeks pass in this state of happiness, and then you begin to despair.

‘Oh goodness, I haven’t done any writing this month! I’ll have to do extra…’ You mutter as you push the laptop away and move to other, more important, things. ‘I have no clue where this is taking me. Who is this character? I don’t even know anymore!’ Chapters have to be ground out of you, and you’ve stopped mentioning your book in every conversation.

After a long while, much longer than was previously thought, you finish the book. Then you get a new book idea and try to hold back the thrill with thoughts like: ‘You know what happend last time, don’t get too hipped!’ The more practical side of your brain tries to hold back the carefree, hipped like a kid on caffeine, writer side, but to no avail. Soon he gets caught up in the thrill to.

At least you are prepared this time, and preserve through it all. Then you feel free to shake your head at new authors who blindly rush into their great book idea, and you cluck your tongue like a wise old elder.

But you’d do it again if you got another idea. Because as wise-old-elderish (No, elderish is not a word) as more experienced writers may seem, hey, they are still writers! And no writer can ignore the



  1. 😂😂😂 Love this!

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    1. The Joys of Siblings made me think of it. (:

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      1. Reba Cray says:

        Haha! Wonder why…( 😉 )

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