The Discoverer

I do believe that a while back I posted a link for my monthly newspaper, but before I start this post, here it is again:  This post was supposed to be out tomorrow, but then I had to go run… So it didn’t come out. So sorry!

There are a lot of good things about being the editor of a newspaper: it’s a good thing to impress people with, it’s fun to see everyone’s work and then share it with other people, I can put things in the newspaper whenever I want, and because I run it I don’t need to put things it it all the time, I edit it for goodness sake!

However, running a newspaper isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of hard things about it too, I need to remember ALL my subscribers, keep my staff on track (sometimes they forget to do stuff) and I need to keep the website updated, PLUS do this blog also. And if you go into the buisness expecing to make money? I’m sorry, not happening. Expecially if you plan to print your nespaper, a LOT of money!

Of course, if someone went into buisness planning to have a big newspaper that distributes city wide and covers political and other big topics, then you can make some money.

HOWEVER, my nespaper is a friends and family newspaper, other people get it to, but it is run by people who are friends and family. None of us are paid, all money goes to The Discoverer, for printing and other costs.

Anyway, running a newspaper may be hard, but it’s worth it! Plus, I get to put it on my English school report, even though it’s not school (benefits of homeschooling!!) I love The Discoverer and don’t want to quit it anytime soon. The other thing is, even though it’s hard, everyone has an equal load. My mom edits it, my friend Grace Matlyn Buckner runs our Google+, so it’s not like I’m all on my own here.

Please visit our site, or our Google+. It would mean a lot to us, we are small but we really want to grow The Discoverer.

By the way, Expect a poem or two from me today!