Formating Book

So I’m formatting some of my short stories that I wrote, a few which I posted here. The stories are:

  • Celine
  • Small Town Inn
  • The Wizard on Main Street (which I finished and am possibly posting to Wattpad. I will tell you if I do)
  • Adventure on the River
  • The Golden Summer
  • Time Travel
  • I am a Queen
  • Drafting the Rules (wich I posted on here under the title ‘Time Travel Rules’
  • The Storm of a Hundred Years
  • Plus any other short story I write.

I’m formatting these so that if I ever end up self-publishing them I am all ready. I want to practice on these and figure it out before I do anything big. So… if you have any links to sites that help with formatting processes, (I’m using OpenOffice) or any tips from experience/research- I’m welcoming them! Thank you!