Late… again

Okay, yes. I didn’t post yesterday, or Tuesday… Did I even post Monday??? Sorry to disappoint! But…. here is a poem about being late, and I will. I PROMISE, post tomorrow. The day after that I have a race then I have a family trip, so probably not Saturday. Hopefully the next week I will … More Late… again

The Future

The future- Will it be brighter? Will the sun shine the same way- One hundred and one years later? The future- It could be dark and gloomy Yet it seems as if it could be, Perhaps bright and cheery? The future- It will rise faster than we think It will fall sooner than future generations … More The Future

Back to School Tag

So one of my friends, Grace Matlyn Buckner, a blogger, writer and a founder of BGLG, recently wrote a post and tagged me, so here goes nothing! (Note: I have never done this before, I hope it turns out) First: Thank You, Grace! Second: Here are the rules that the original maker of the Back … More Back to School Tag


Mountains different every day, Covered by clouds How do you do it? How do you change every day? Different view, Different scene Different every time I look, Mountains different every day

Sunny Summer Sunshine

Rainbows and sunshine Glee and joy Carefree days Ice cream and sunshine Melted bits Dribble down your chin Water and sunshine Sparkle and glint Reflections dance Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash


Bite a mango Chew a mango Swallow a mango The flavor spreads Over your tongue Savor the sweetness Enjoy the color And bite the mango yet again Photo by David Di Veroli on Unsplash

School Year!

So, I try to post everyday as most of you know. However, I just started classes Thursday and Cross Country, which is every day. So, because of classes Thursday, I can not usually post Thursday. I head off to classes in the morning, then to cross country with a twenty minute break in between. THEN … More School Year!

Jam and Syrup

So a couple months ago we did peaches. I made a whole blog post about it, for those of you who remember. Well, we decided to do peaches again! This time it’s not very many and they are for jam. Here is a poem inspired by the peaches (the syrup is because we use the … More Jam and Syrup