Math Problem Guy

So a while back I went to Walmart with Mom and my siblings. While we where there we went to the self-check out and we saw this really funny thing. (At least, I thought it was funny)

At the check out next to us a two guys pulled up with a cart full of mini milk crates! Walmart was selling pink, white, and blue mini milk crates for back to school sales. The guys had a LOT of them, and the one guy said they had 20 blue. (They had only pink and blue, about 1/3 was blue) I decided they where those math problem people. Like the people who buy 40 watermelon….

Anyway, I made a math problem out of it:

Cindy was shopping at Walmart and bought 20 blue crates. She also bought pink crates. If Cindy’s blue crates where 1/3 of the total amount of crates, how many crates did Cindy buy?

(answer: 60)

I also once saw someone at Aldi with maybe 25 loaves of bread in his cart. He also had a lot of eggs and milk….