How many is too many?

How many books are to many? How many books can you write before it’s like WHOA- way to many books, lady!

I’ve been wondering about that, because I got another book idea. This one is actually from a very vivid dream….. but I’m not going to say MUCH more because I don’t want to spoil it! (:

So, how many books are too many? I’m guessing four of my short stories count as one whole book so if you total it all up that’s roughly eight and counting books! That’s a lot! But on the other hand: half of those are half-finished books, short stories I published on here and some are just randomness that I wrote for fun.

In the end I really think it all depends on what the author thinks. If they think they have to many books and shouldn’t make another, and are at, say 5, that’s completely up to them! It goes the other way too, if they have 10 books and think they need double that amount, sure! Whatever they want goes. And if someone doesn’t like that? Who cares what ONE random reader thinks? They can go read something else. (:

Oh, and I published Celine on Wattpad if you want to read it there… plus I designed a really cool cover for it! The link:

Thank you for reading! I’m up to 40 followers now, thanks to you guys. I’m only 10 away from my 2017 goal! Thank you SO much!


  1. I’m currently writining 4 books plus all my short stories, so if I added anymore, I would drive myself CRAZY! I’m already swamped, and school hasn’t even started. 😉


    1. I feel your pain!

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