Undersized Books


Undersized Books is up for running! Short celebration!!!

It now has three short stories, Celine, The Wizard on Main Street and a new story called Across the Ocean. Across the Ocean is a World War 1 story that is not available on Wattpad or my blog like Celine and The Wizard on Main Street are.

Please help make Undersized Books available to every writer and reader~ share with everyone!

If you want to write for Undersized books, first check out the link and then comment on this post. I will need a short bio if you plan to put more than one story on the site, because I will need to fill it out in the Authors section.


  1. OK, yeah I can just email it to you when it’s done. I submitted my topic

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  2. It can be any genre you want, and it just has to be more than 500 words less then 100,000

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  3. I don’t know much about promoting blogs, but I could ty to contribute a story on your site, if you’d like

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    1. Thank you, Writer for Christ! (Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I had to go to bed) If you visit undersized book.wordprss.com there is a page called Write for Us. I would love if you wrote something!

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      1. Oh, also, if you want to you can give a short story in the same way you did last time, however that was. (I don’t remember how we did that…)

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      2. No problem. Ok, I’ll check it out. Are there any particular genres? How long do the stories have to be?

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