Additional Writing Tips

Thomas has some great writing tips- like these ones. It’s worth checking out!


In taking a break from the ever increasing amount of research I need for my current project, I decided to research some more writing tips.  This way I can shift focus and give my brain a little break while still staying in research mode. I hate stopping something half way through only to find I can’t get back into it later. It’s very frustrating.

Anyway, on with the tips.

Speaking Through Action
Instead of using dialogue tags such as said all of the time, try to show who is speaking through the character’s actions. For example, ‘Pass the whiskey.’ Dave sat with his arm outstretched waiting for Steve to hand him the bottle.

When writing dialogue for a character who speaks with an accent, don’t write every word they speak with the accent. This can make the character seem cartoony. Instead, try to sprinkle it onto the dialogue using just a…

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