Right to Brag

This is the daily prompt from The Daily Post. (Link below)

Right to Brag

I have to admit, I hate bragging. But sometimes… sometimes there is a ‘right to brag’ Like when you win a race between you and your brother. (NOT if you win because her tripped)

If you win a really hard game I see the right to brag there too. Just don’t go the opposite way and make it into ‘I lost so I have the right to whine.’ Not okay.

The Right to Brag comes with limits too, in my world. When I (example) got the 100+ posts notification on this blog- of course I have the right to brag! It’s something that came from hard work. BUT if I was bragging that I (example) won an argument with my brother- is that right? It may offend him- and posting about family is a whole different world.

The Right to Brag is usually hard-won,  and once it is won it’s not something easily taken away. It can be taken away though, or at the very least, the spirit can be stolen.

Imagane that you just won a board game (wich means you earned the Right to Brag- yay!) now continue to imagine, this time that someone who was playing with you says something like this:

“Well that’s such an easy game.” or “I wasn’t even trying.” I mean, really?? That’s classified as putting someone else down to put yourself higher- wich really isn’t okay in any situation.

The Right to Brag is a great thing, as long as everyone understands that they don’t always get it. People have to take turns- not everyone can win the race or board game.

I understand that everyone has there down times where they snap and maybe they do take away other’s Right to Brag- but I believe that most people, at the very least, wish they didn’t say it.

Over all, the Right to Brag is awesome! So go ahead and brag if you win something! Because, guess what? Every single one of us has something we can brag about.

Right to Brag