The Gladness Game

Fans of the classical book “Pollyanna” will recognize the game. For those of you who don’t know what the Gladness Game is: the main character in Pollyanna is (of course) Pollyanna. She and her father had made a game where they tried to find the best thing in everything. So, if someone sent crutches and you where hoping for a doll, the thing Pollyanna found was that ‘then we could be glad we didn’t need them!’

Okay, so we are on the same page. Now, I play a smaller version of the Gladness Game. It goes like this: Instead of getting bogged down with school and other things, I find something to look forward to each week. This week it was my birthday. This next week it’s shopping with mom and and having lunch with my friend on Monday. Also next week is piano lessons Thursday. The week after that it’s Co-op and Elevate classes starting on Thursday.

So, what do you do that makes you look forward to each week? What other things help you through the week? Especially during school? Please comment or post and link back to here!