Immerse myself in this lonely sea
My only hope, to find a shore
Praying for relief
Ever watching
Reveal is not what I need
Fear would only follow
Eyes that watch would call me out
Call me out as imperfect
Tomorrow is no better

I am alone
Myself, I, and me
Please do not let
Ever watching eyes
Reveal what I do not want to be seen
Forever watching, waiting
Ever waiting, until the day
Clear sky, bright sun
Today I crack my shell

Okay, I don’t know if this one makes a ton of sense, but it’s about moving and being shy… I would read it over again now that you know what I’m talking about. This is inspired by a lady at my church who on Co-op day I heard say to Mom (as I walked past them upstairs) “Loretta is really cracking open” or maybe it was “Loretta’s shell is really cracking open!” (I have no clue(:)Oh, and, genius me, both verses the capital letters strung together spell IMPERFECT.