this screen that Stares,
it dares me to type a word “the world will Call,
they will see it, dearest Reader!”
they will Enter
your private mind they will Enter
your mine of words None
can be safe

The world- the great wide place
The world- will they sting?
The world- who will read it?

But oh!
Triumph can me mine!
I will fight the stare-
I will stare right back!

Is mine!

I will type a word,
Hit that button
‘Publish’ it reads
‘Publish’ taunts the screen

Triumph will be mine!
I will rule the screen,
I will tap the button

Because the triumph,
it is Mine

This poem (in case you can’t tell…) was made to work on splitting sentences up and shaping them. In the first verse (only that one) the first letters in the last words, when they are all strung together they spell ‘screen.’ (They are in caps for easy finding)