Water park

So yesterday I went to an outdoor water park with some people from church for a YUCs thing, witch is the age group just below youth group. My brother is in that group, and it was a family attend type thing, so I was there too.

Wetlands waterpark is what the place was called. It was outdoor, so it was hot and we all put on sunscreen. It was also cold at the same time because of the water was pretty cold, so it all balenced out. Upon entering through the gate there is a big pool that gets deeper the farther you move into it. To the right of the pool is a little kid pool that conects to the big pool. The bigger pool also has a lazy river that is 4 feet deep. The middle of that pool is 5 feet deep.

There are three main water slides. The first is smaller and it doesn’t go as fast. The second is my favorite, it’s the longest, goes the fastest, and is the highest. The third is like the first, but covered, which makes it better. There is also one that is like a hill that you slide down, covered in plastic stuff that all the floors are made of, and has water constantly running down it. That one is fun too.

The lazy river is great fun, but you have to pay to rent the tubes, so we just went through it without tubes (which a lot of people do) it’s still a lot of fun.

Over all the place was great fun. What water parks- if any- do you go to? Do you enjoy swimming? Or do you dislike the water?

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