Undersized Books- facts

Okay, yes. I have been making a LOT of posts about Undersized Books. But hey, what can I say? I want it to be better known, and what better way then to talk about it here?

Basicly, there are four facts.

Fact # 1: Undersized Books needs writers

Fact # 2: I have no other ways than this & my google+ (which isn’t very popular, you can search my by the way. Just search ‘Loretta Marchize’ or ‘Marchize’)

Fact # 3: I need more ways to broadcast this opportunity.

Fact # 4: You can probably help.

So, will you help? It’s not that hard. Maybe mention it here and there in your conversation. Maybe post about it on your blog, or Google+, or Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter (or really whatever you do) Maybe you are an experienced blogger who knows a great ways to broadcast news about sites and share  sites, and if so will you please please pretty please comment or contact me?

Yes, I’m pleading. I know. But it’s needed, so why not plead? (I will not blame you if you do not ‘like’ this post, it’s kind of boring :P)

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