School Year!

So, I try to post everyday as most of you know. However, I just started classes Thursday and Cross Country, which is every day. So, because of classes Thursday, I can not usually post Thursday. I head off to classes in the morning, then to cross country with a twenty minute break in between. THEN I get home, eat, take a shower, go to bed. If I take a really short shower I can post a really short story later. Also, Sundays are now going to be hard, I can probably still do it, but hard.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about my classes. I started classes at a place in Asheville (Asheville NC, where I live.) They are at a place called ‘Elevate’ and are after lunch. There are two and they go until 3:00 (my dad picks me up at home at 3:30 to go run, and I have to be ready to go, which means eat a snack, change, and prepare water)

My first class is (drum roll)…. CREATIVE WRITING!!! That one I think I will really like. My second class is (drum roll)…. ART HISTORY! That one should be really fun because we learn about different art from different time periods, then make the art.

The funny thing is, I have the same teacher for both! The first class (writing) There are maybe 12-14 kids, the second 4 kids, one of which I know from Co-op (she came for 1 semester a few semesters ago) and I know none of the other kids from either class, but at least I only have to learn one teacher’s name!

What do during the school season? How busy are you?