A Mother’s Love

“I love you” She whispered in her baby boy’s ears. “I love you” She whispered as she watched her son sleep through the night. “I love you” She whispered when her son learned to walk. “I love you” She whispered while her son boarded the bus for the very first time. “I love you” She … More A Mother’s Love

LGRG Writing

Okay so you know BGLG? Well…. Apparently there is something else that has similar initials and I’m not telling you what, because it’s not good. So, being the innocent young angels we are, we didn’t realize this until recently and so changed our name. We are now LGRG, Loretta, Grace, Reba, Graciebeth. Our site address … More LGRG Writing

New Laptop

So for a long time I blogged from the desktop. Then a laptop that was mostly dad’s but I used it too. Now… I have my own laptop!!! It used to be mom’s, but the desktop broke so Dad’s laptop turned into the desktop. That way my brother can still do math. (We use teaching … More New Laptop

Across the Ocean

Part One 1917 April – June War approaching Kingsley household April 10th 7:00 AM Will was sitting at the dining table with Lucy when the message came. Mr. Kingsley directed the messenger to Lucy, because she was expecting a message. After a few lines Lucy’s eyes widened and she began to tell the whole Kingsley … More Across the Ocean


Please tell me if you write one of these because I really want to know how they turn out. If it’s a short story you write- you can put it on Undersized Books!!!!!! (: Just ask!


My life is rough right now, but that dosn’t mean I shouldn’t give you guys good posts. So I’m going to write about life being rough. (: School is a big game changer because it can take me until 1:00 to finish. So that’s half my day. Then I have maybe 3 hours before I … More Life

Gone Camping!

Hey so I’m actually camping right now, I scheduled this post(: So I won’t be able to post Sunday, but will be back Monday. My friends Grace Matlyn Buckner, Graciebeth, and Reba Cray are also camping on the same trip. We are on a youth camping trip for our church. (although Grace Matlyn Buckner goes … More Gone Camping!


So yesterday I did a ‘mom’ post, so today it’s a Dad post!! Yay! Dad will Always love you Dad is your friend forever Love that lasts Oh love that stays Very strong love Everlasting love Such love is a father’s love You are loved Oaths are not needed, this love crosses Under and over … More Dad


Our subject today is: (drum roll…) MOTHERS! Moms are the best, at least, mine is! So this poem is to mothers everywhere. Mom knows best Oh she is always right Mom knows what you need Loving caring, watching Over you every night Vex her not, Even if she loves you She is human after all … More Mom