P oems that float
O ver my page
E ver flying higher and higher
T ill they reach the top
R eading is over
Y et I still see the poem

It is burned in my brain

Do you,
My dear reader,
Enjoy reading
Countless poems?

Or do you,
My dear reader,
Prefer different posts?
What do you prefer?

About me,
Short stories,

Please do tell
I’m desperate to know

(If you happen not to like poems,
I’m sorry if I have offended you
With this creative way
To ask
If you like them)

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  1. I love poetry 🙂
    If you want to post poems, then you should post poems. When it comes to writing, you should write what your inner muse is telling you to write, not write according to what other people tell you to write. (Unless it’s a school assignment – then stick within the guidelines of the assignment.) When you write what you have a passion for, those will be your stronger pieces, and those are what people will grow to love seeing from you.
    I wish you perseverance and many good ideas on your writing journey 🙂

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