So for Labor Day Weekend we went camping. We left on Saturday after my cross country meet, which went great by the way. I got a PR. (for all non Cross-Country people: PR = personal record)

Sunday was lazy, we where camping, so no church. First we didn’t leave the camper until 10:00. We got a new camper, first trip with it, and it’s a truck camper. We left our campsite at 10:00 and drove around a bit then hiked right after lunch at 11:30. (Breakfast was not at 10 by the way, It was more like 7:30 or 8ish) After that we went to Fontana then went to our campsite and picked up the chairs and firewood, we had our camper with us already, and drove to a new campsite. There we made hamburgers over the fire and roasted marshmellows for a true camping meal. When it got dark we took out sparklers and my siblings and I ran around with them. My brother’s quote of the day?

My but is on fire!”

He was running around with the sparkler behind him. My sister and I, being true girls, were being ‘angels’ (putting them above each other’s heads) and putting on dances for Mama with our sparklers. My sisters quote was probably this:

whine whine whiny whiny whiny.”

She was rather tired, as she is 8, and didn’t get much sleep. Poor Catherine. She had a rough time with my brother being his usual annoying self and her being tired anyway. My quote was this:

Oh that’s pretty- I’m going to take a picture!”

I had my camera and was having a lot of fun taking photos.

Overall, the trip was a ton of fun, and we found some great places where we could kayak on future trips!

Photo by Jenu Prasad on Unsplash