Story Ideas

So for Elevate homework I had to make up 10 story ideas. (It’s not that hard) I really liked them, more than I thought I would, so here they are!

  1. A Indian (meaning an actual girl from INDIA- not a Native American) girl who’s parents want to arrange a marriage for her. She secretly is a Christian and really just wants to run an orphanage.
  2. A big city that has white walls and red tile roofs. It is a very famous city and it is facing a crisis: No one wants to be the president because of the troubles involved. Protagonist is a small town kid who somehow gets roped into running for president. (How and Why all left to writer)
  3. Ember’s dad, Jones, has secretly been Waterman, a superhero part of a group of superheros with similar (elemental) names/powers, and has been for years. Ember’s mom, Emily, is a government agent who helps the team. Ember finds this out after her cat walks over her dad’s computer, and accidentally steps on the correct keys to open his secret base. At first nothing changes until her dad and his group disappear. Ember’s mom helps her become Echo Ember, and she’s off to save her dad! (Author can change Ember’s name, and/or gender. Also can change Jones and Emily’s names + the name Waterman, that is just what I would use. And- Echo Ember is my superhero, no one can use her)
  4. An old antique shop has a hidden secret. All of it’s items are magical in some way, the clocks, old medallions, and the charms (or other object) that the unknowing Madison buys. (same as before: writer can change gender/name)
  5. Allie is on her way back from school when she finds a black kitten. She brings the kitten home and feeds it, and after discovering that the kitten has no home, adopts it. One day a Wizard or Witch comes to tell her that her kitten is much more than just a black cat…. (yet again: can change gender/name)
  6. A girl lives as a servant in a castle then one day the king dies and it is discovered that she was included in his will, why? It is not obvious, at least at first. (could be a servant boy too, whatever fits the story/author)
  7. A teen girl (OR BOY) goes with her father to an archeological dig. While exploring the dig she runs into a strange local carrying an artifact, and no one is sure what exactly the artifact is.
  8. A girl (could be boy) is told over the summer that he/she has to get both glasses AND braces. (she/he goes to public school and is going to be a freshman) What are her/his troubles? Fears? Joys?
  9. A bunch of people are going to burn some bibles, and story line jumps back and forth between guy burning bibles, and guy saving them. This story can be in whatever time period, and the ‘guy’ (s) could be girls too.
  10. A girl is ‘odd’ and is teased and called ‘freak’ at her school, but then sees a different girl who is a little ‘odd’ too, and they become BFFs, then something happens at school and said girls have to step up and face the people who call them freaks. (also, either girl could be a boy, or both)

As you can see, most of them can be any gender and most are pretty open ended, except for Echo Ember’s, because I wanted a story idea to go with Echo Ember the character. (She is my superhero by the way, you can’t use her name)

Edit: you can use these if you tell me so I can read them, and if you put it on your blog or Wattpad or something else please give credit!!