On your mark, get set, GO!

Running a race
I’m way to nervous
First race of the season
Why are we waiting
Please just let me run
I’m like a caged animal
Pacing on the line
I don’t want to waste my energy
I can’t help but move
Just let me run!

There he is,
What is he saying?
He’s counting down-
Just let it be over,
Lord help me stay calm!


The gunshot!
We are off!
Stay near the middle
Keep the team together
At last-
We are out of the gates!
Across the field!

Easy now,
Don’t waste your energy
But remember-
Don’t hold back to much
Set an easy pace,
Say an nine minute mile

The first mile,
Eight minutes and twenty two second!
I’m going at a good pace,
Keep it up Loretta,
Keep on going!
Only two miles left!

I think I’m slowing down-
Can’t help it much
Is that coach?
Why it is!

“Two mile mark,
keep up the pace,
speed up if you can,
You are doing great!

Only one mile left
This is easy now,

Pass this girl,
Round the corner,
Up the hill

I should be sprinting now
Don’t let this girl pass-
She’s way to close!
I do wish they’d all stop shouting!

She can’t catch up now,
Steady Loretta,
Don’t slow down!

Why there is my Dad!
You are almost there!

Through the line!
Through the line!
The race is over-
It went by so fast!

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